It is such a fantastic thing to see kids with great talents exercising them. A small boy who is at the age of seven caught the attention of everyone who was in the house with his incredible voice and good musical tunes from his guitar. The boy who is in the second grade brought the crowd down by singing Johnny Cash song “Folsom Prison Blues”. Even if the guitar was almost the size of the boy, it was easy for him to act like Johnny Cash. He nicely played the guitar without mixing the rhythm. People were amazed to see the boy hold the guitar without being helped or straining. “Folsom Prison Blues” was released in the year 1955. On the 13 of January 1968, the song became famous after Johnny Cash performed it live at the Folsom Prison. However to some people, it caused some controversy, but it is among the memorable performances Johnny has ever done. He has sung other songs that are also known to people like “Ring of Fire,” “I Walk the Line,” “Jackson,” and “Get Rhythm.”

Johnny Cash had a fantastic life that most authors use to narrate in their books; actors have also used his experience to act a movie known as “Walk the Line.” His love life with June Carter Cash is also well known to people. It is hard to forget him for ages because we have all it takes to remember him and know him for those who did not get to know him when he was still alive. Maybe the 7-year-old boy will one day find his love whom they will be performing with just like Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash. “Folsom Prison Blues” sounds sweet being performed by the young boy considering that Johnny Cash was an iconic classic. The boy spices it up by first introducing himself as John! His cute outfit and the size of the guitar catch the crowd’s attention. Halfway in his performance, the young boy shows his guitar skills, which most people who are older than him cannot master! The crowd becomes shocked at what he is doing.

It is easy for the boy to play the guitar and sing. His voice, you cannot wait to hear! Back on the stage, you will think the person singing is Johnny Cash. The sweet sound, the incredible tune from the guitar will turn you wild if you see the person performing “Folsom Prison Blues.” The young boy is not shy and does not show any traces of fear in his performance. He stands firm and keeps eye contact with the crowd. His voice is not trembling hence the sound is sweet. The boy is bold and firm in his performance. It is hard to forget Johnny Cash even after his death in 2003 since his music is still played by people all over. However, we have never seen an incredible performance of his songs before. For this young boy, it is a fantastic thing because he sings every line of the song without forgetting some words or confusing the words. What are your views about the young boy singing Johnny Cash song? Do you think he has talents? Let’s wait and see his future.