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Sharon Stone Gets In Big Trouble After Comments About Cancel Culture

A recent guest on SiriusXM’s Just Jenny show took the opportunity to speak out against cancel culture. Sharon Stone,  Continue Reading »

Toddler Dies In Daycare Owners Care, Now She’s Charged With Murder

As a parent, a working parent at that, it’s hard to always keep up with the everyday parenting that  Continue Reading »

People Are Ditching Chick-Fil-A For Good After Seeing This Video

Chick-fil-A is well-known for providing chicken and good appetizers to its customers. The restaurant is also known to provide  Continue Reading »

People Say This Is The Scariest Bridge Ever, Would You Drive Over It?

When it comes to roller coasters or drop-dead rides at amusement parks, oftentimes it’s a no-brainer to want to  Continue Reading »

Mom Of 4 Quit Her Job To Make Thousands Dumpster Diving

When people throw things in the trash, it’s usually because they are no longer wanted or because they no  Continue Reading »

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