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Landlord Sick Of Tennant Not Paying Rent Takes Off Front Door

The pandemic has led to many people being sick with COVID-19 and many without jobs due. Thousands lost their  Continue Reading »

Restaurants Sign Telling Spoiled Customers To Leave Angers Many

As the world starts to open back up, a lot of the restaurants are doing what they have to  Continue Reading »

Ref See’s Students Kneeling During National Anthem, Decides To Teach Them A Lesson

Protests are, by design, a highly emotional subject. If a protest isn’t catching both attention and emotion then it’s  Continue Reading »

Popular Book At Target Has Prayer To Help Reader Hate White People

In this world color people have been mistreated for years. Colored people have been used and are still getting  Continue Reading »

Woman Sobs When She Finds Out How Much Her Grandmas Painting Is Worth

An ordinary painting that hung on her grandmother’s wall, has unveiled much-hidden history and truth about a woman named  Continue Reading »

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