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Officers Are Now Urging People Not To Leave Their Registration In The Glove Compartment

Like most people, you probably have your car’s registration in the glove box. Most people, in fact, are in  Continue Reading »

Woman Sobs When She Finds Out How Much Her Grandmas Painting Is Worth

An ordinary painting that hung on her grandmother’s wall, has unveiled much-hidden history and truth about a woman named  Continue Reading »

100’s Of Subway Sandwich Shops Are Closing Because Of One Person

The last few years have been kind of rocky for the international restaurant/deli chain Subway. Jerry Fogel, who had  Continue Reading »

Woman Finally Realizes Why Her Lips Started To Rot

It’s one thing to become sick with COVID-19, but it can be a lot worse to have to endure  Continue Reading »

Restaurants Bumper Sticker Has Some Customers Furious But They Won’t Take It Down

A new bumper sticker is being displayed at a place called Gross’ Burgers in Danville. The sticker is touted  Continue Reading »

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