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Vegan Takes Neighbors To Court Because She Can Smell The Meat From Their Grill

When being vegan you deal with some different problems than a normal non-vegan person. Finding strictly plant based foods  Continue Reading »

People Are Walking Around With $1 Bills That Are Worth Thousands And Have No Idea

Is there a one-dollar bill in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me? Imagine you collected  Continue Reading »

Arbry’s Employee Slipped Something Extra Into 97 Year Old Veterans Meal

Our tastes tend to solidify as we grow older. The young are typically quite eager to try out all  Continue Reading »

Cops Stunned My Message Outback Waiter Left On Receipt

Random acts of kindness are pretty popular across the United States. Whether it’s lending a helping hand, letting someone  Continue Reading »

100’s Of Subway Sandwich Shops Are Closing Because Of One Person

The last few years have been kind of rocky for the international restaurant/deli chain Subway. Jerry Fogel, who had  Continue Reading »

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