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CNN Anchor Under Fire Over Melania Comparison To Michelle Obama

In a recent monologue on his show on CNN anchor, Don Lemon took aim at former first lady Melania  Continue Reading »

Cops Warn If You See Someone With These Three Dot Tattoos Get Away Fast

Walking down the street, you are bound to see a great number of tattoos. Some are full-body, some full  Continue Reading »

Bartender Notices Woman’s In Trouble, Discreetly Hands Her This Note

The quick-thinking of a St. Petersburg’s, Florida bartender saved a young woman from an awkward or potentially dangerous situation.  Continue Reading »

Popular Book At Target Has Prayer To Help Reader Hate White People

In this world color people have been mistreated for years. Colored people have been used and are still getting  Continue Reading »

Teen Learns The Truth About His Parents, Kills Entire Family

Many people all around the world have to have a tough conversation with their kids every day but sometimes  Continue Reading »

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