David Thibault became an immediate Internet sensation back in 2013 when he was recorded playing his guitar while singing a song called Blue Christmas, which was a previous hit by Elvis Presley, who was known as the King of Rock and Roll. The teen’s voice and mannerisms were almost identical to those of the much-celebrated superstar, even right down to his signature lip curl. Sounding and acting like a well-known and well-loved musical artist of the past is not as easy as it looks, so he earned his respect from the fans of Elvis by taking the time to get the performance just right. Within a short time after the release of the video, it went viral, and this led him to eventually decide to compete in singing competitions, such as France’s version of The Voice, where he ended up coming in 3rd by the time the show reached its finale.

After his time on The Voice France ended, David went on to record his own music, which can be accessed on music streaming services such as Spotify, YouTube and Apple Music. Other than performing songs by Elvis and emulating his voice and style, he’s also covered songs by other popular artists like Beyonce and the late Avicii, as well as by bands like The Cure, who were an English rock group that formed in the 1970s, and The Temptations, who were a group who rose to fame during the Motown era in the 1960s. Although he can sound like Elvis when he sings the late artist’s songs, his speaking voice is a little higher pitched than the rock singer’s voice was. He has accomplished a lot with his musical endeavors since his original video performance first went viral 5 years ago. He has been continuing to develop his individual style, and he’s picked up quite a few fans along the way.

Since his 2013 breakout performance gained him the kind of exposure he needed in order to let the world see his talent, he has used that opportunity to start the singing career he’s always wanted to have. His efforts as a new artist got him nominated for a People’s Choice Award, which he ended up winning. And he has been on tour in his home country of Canada in the province of Quebec, and has plans to tour many areas of France this summer, where he will perform a number of his own songs and possibly songs by Elvis and the other artists he admires. He has come a long way since his talent was debuted online, and he has proven that he is not only an Elvis impersonator, but he is also an artist who knows how to present his own style and skills to the world when it comes to the art of music. His performance of Blue Christmas by King of Rock and Roll will most likely continue to be a memorable one for those who were first introduced to his voice and talent that way, but they, as well as others, will now be able to enjoy his latest contributions to the music world and go see him perform in concert each time he goes on tour. Those who haven’t checked out his Elvis-laced video performance can access it through social media platforms like YouTube.