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Teens Are Now Boiling Tampons And Using Them To Get High

Let me start by saying sorry, since things will get actually revolting. The latest teen trend is here, and  Continue Reading »

She Says She Is Ready To Solve This Puzzle With Just One Letter, Then Pat Sajack Almost Falls Over

“Wheel of Fortune” is one of those game shows where all of the contestants usually make some money to  Continue Reading »

He Took A Camera With Him Into This Tiny Hole And Took The Most Breathtaking Photo You Will Ever See

Everybody knows that bears go into hibernation during the winter, staying underground after eating where it is warm and  Continue Reading »

KFC Customer Revolted By ‘Brains’ Found In Her Chicken

A lady who declared she discovered the ‘brains’ in her KFC chicken was informed by the food cycle it  Continue Reading »

Lisa Marie’s New Release With Her Dad Is The Best Performance Of The Decade

The loss of Elvis Presley more than 40 years ago rocked the world, as his fans were left ravaged  Continue Reading »

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