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Meet The Parents Who Starved Their Newborn Son By Claiming Sunlight Was All He Needed To Survive

In a chilling tale of radical beliefs and fatal experimentation, a Russian father’s extreme lifestyle choices led to the  Continue Reading »

Bill Maher Blasts Left-Wing Ideas, Calls Them “Stupid”

In a fiery interview with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria, comedian Bill Maher took aim at the modern progressive left, addressing  Continue Reading »

Disney’s New Star Wars Show Breaks Record For Worst Ratings In Franchise History

Disney’s recent Star Wars venture, “The Acolyte,” has hit rock bottom in ratings, marking a significant low in the  Continue Reading »

Gabby Petito’s Love Letter To Boyfriend Brian Laundrie Surfaces, Pleading Him To “Stop Calling Me Names” Before Her Tragic End

Before embarking on their ill-fated road trip, Gabby Petito penned an emotional love letter to her boyfriend — and  Continue Reading »

The Response To Alec And Hilaria’s Reality Show Announcement Took Them By Surprise

Alec Baldwin, Hollywood heavyweight, and his wife, Hilaria Baldwin, are under fire after revealing plans for their new reality  Continue Reading »

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