Having a garden is a great way to provide your family with food. You will be able to grow a broad variety of vegetables and fruits in your garden. There is a downside to gardening. You will not be the only one who wants to enjoy your garden. Deer can quickly wreak havoc on your garden and they will eat everything that they can get to. You will want to do everything that you can to prevent the deer from eating your garden. Here are 5 ways to keep deer out of your garden.

1. Adding a fence. You might think that any type of fence will work, but the truth is that the deer will simply hop over the fence and eat everything in your garden. To prevent this, consider putting up an invisible fence. To do this, simply take wooden stakes that are about five to six feet tall and place them around your garden borders. You will then want to get fishing line and string this up. Make a row all the way up the stakes. The deer will not know how high the line is because they will not see it and they will not try to jump it.

2. Plant flowers. Planting flowers around your garden will not only attract the bees, but it will also help to keep deer away. Lavender and marigolds are great for keeping deer away. The deer do not like smelling the plants as it makes it harder to detect predators in the area.

3. Make some noise. Deer are frightened by any type of noise. If you have a spare radio, consider placing it out in your garden to scare the deer off. Aluminum pie pans and cans can be hung up. When the wind blows, the sound effect will make the deer run.

4. Soaping your garden. Deer do not like the smell of soap. You can shave the soap down and place around your plants or you can place a bar of soap on a stake in your garden. You will have to reapply after it rains, but deer will stay away from your garden.

5. Stinky spray. Since deer hate anything that smells strong, consider making a spray that stinks to spray around your garden. A good recipe is to take a cup of milk, an egg and some dish soap. Let this sit out in the sun for a day or two until it gets really smelly. Spray at night and reapply when the smell dissipates.

If you have deer that keep coming into your garden and devastating it, try some of the tips above. Chances are that if you try them, you will rid yourself of the deer problem and you’ll be able to enjoy your garden again.