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Meghan Markle Attempted To Get Free Handbags And Clothes From Victoria Beckham, Then Snubbed Her

In the glamorous world of British royalty and celebrity, tensions often simmer beneath the surface. Meghan Markle, once the  Continue Reading »

11 hours ago

Iconic New York Restaurant Shuts Down After 91 Years

They’re saying arrivederci to a cherished institution. After an impressive 91-year run, the iconic Hollywood Restaurant in Auburn, New  Continue Reading »

11 hours ago

“The View” Lashes Out At Louisiana’s Move To Include Ten Commandments In Schools

In a recent segment on ABC’s “The View,” the liberal panel of co-hosts took aim at Louisiana’s bold move  Continue Reading »

16 hours ago

Michelle Obama Argues Black Americans’ Freedom Threatened By 2024 Election

In a video posted to X on the afternoon of June 19, former First Lady Michelle Obama delivered a  Continue Reading »

16 hours ago

Joy Reid’s Absurd Justification For Dem And Hispanic Pro-Deportation Poll Results

In a recent episode of MSNBC’s “The ReidOut,” host Joy Reid delved into the complex and contentious issue of  Continue Reading »

17 hours ago

“M*A*S*H,” “Klute” And “Hunger Games,” Star Dies At 88

Donald Sutherland, the revered Hollywood actor celebrated for his roles in classics like “M*A*S*H” and “The Hunger Games,” has  Continue Reading »

22 hours ago

Tragic Loss: Two Firefighters Die In Heroic Attempt To Save Each Other

In a heartbreaking incident that shook the community, two off-duty New York firefighters lost their lives while bravely responding  Continue Reading »

22 hours ago

Taylor Swift’s Onstage Behavior Leaves Fans “Disgusted”

Even a runny nose couldn’t stop Taylor Swift from dazzling her fans during her recent performances in Edinburgh. The  Continue Reading »

22 hours ago

Former Teammate Of Trans Swimmer Lia Thomas Calls For Public Apology

Former teammate Paula Scanlan expressed a sense of relief following the decision to bar Lia Thomas from competing in  Continue Reading »

22 hours ago

California’s $20 Minimum Wage Leads To Closure Of 55-Year-Old Hollywood Arby’s

In a heartbreaking end to a 55-year legacy, the family-owned Arby’s Roast Beef on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood has  Continue Reading »

1 day ago