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“Woke” Medical Student Injures Patient Who Mocks Her “Pronouns Badge”

Kychelle Del Rosario has experienced plenty of highs and lows as a medical student. A patient at Wake Forest  Continue Reading »

3 hours ago

Get Ready For $10 A Gallon! WA State Gas Stations Running Out Of Fuel

According to a news release, gas stations in Washington state are changing their price boards to accommodate double digits  Continue Reading »

4 hours ago

Man Refused To Give Up His Bus Seat To A Pregnant Woman, Asks One Question

A passenger on a city bus failed to give his seat to a pregnant woman and now wants to  Continue Reading »

2 days ago

Inspiring 7-year Old With Down Syndrome Defies All Odds To Become A Successful Model

A baby girl is a joy for every mother. Even if the parents have a boy or a girl,  Continue Reading »

2 days ago

Company Under Fire For Selling “Racist” Candy

After social media users slammed a brand of gummies manufactured by Haribo as “racist,” the company was compelled to  Continue Reading »

2 days ago

Dog Owner Shocked To See Him Ringing The Doorbell After He Was Left At Daycare

Dogs are very bright. They are highly perceptive and smart creatures. Some dogs can do things that you wouldn’t  Continue Reading »

2 days ago

Target To Pay All Employees At Least $24/Hour

It has been more than five years since Target Corporation attempted to raise the minimum wage for its employees  Continue Reading »

2 days ago

Heroic Dog Jumps In Front Of Bullets To Protect Teen Owner During Home Invasion

Dogs have been called man’s best friends for millennia, and they continually prove this to be true. They are  Continue Reading »

2 days ago

90’s Star Surfaces But Fans Barely Recognize Her

For years, Geena Davis has been living a reclusive life in her Hollywood home. However, on Sunday she emerged  Continue Reading »

2 days ago

Mom Has A Message About Daughters Rare Birthmark

Nicole Lucas Hall is a loving mother of two, Asher, 14, and Winry, 13 months. She’s a fighter like  Continue Reading »

2 days ago