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300 Teens Destroyed This Family Fun Center

When a group of more than three hundred enraged adolescents stormed the family “fun” center in Memphis, Tennessee, and  Continue Reading »

3 hours ago

Most Drivers Can’t Cross This Bridge Without Experiencing A Panic Attack

There’s probably a section of road in the region that everyone dreads, and some are precariously perched on the  Continue Reading »

3 hours ago

Controversial Message On Church Sign Leads To Calls For Pastor’s Resignation

After he offended his local community by posting an offensive sign, Pastor Justin Hoke of Trinity Bible Presbyterian Church  Continue Reading »

4 hours ago

Lucky Woman Who Won $145 Million In The Lottery Announces Plans To Donate Most Of It To Charity

There’s no doubt that if we won the lottery, it would change our lives. When it comes to winning  Continue Reading »

5 hours ago

Womans Latest Update On Relationship With Doll Is Shocking Everyone

A Brazilian woman fell in love with an ugly ragdoll and married it. Now Meirivone Rocha Moraes is coming  Continue Reading »

5 hours ago

Couple Took Legal Action Against A Bank For Making Them Use Traditional Titles, Court Decids In Their Favor

A legal battle erupted between a Canadian couple and the province of Nova Scotia after the government refused to  Continue Reading »

7 hours ago

County Supervisor Says Pledge Of Allegiance And The Word “Prayer” Are Too “Divisive”, Must Be Removed

A Wisconsin county supervisor believes that the Pledge of Allegiance should be withdrawn from county board meetings since it  Continue Reading »

7 hours ago

Caitlyn Jenner Sets The Record Straight On Her Feud With Ellen

Over the last several years, Caitlyn Jenner has been in the news regularly. When he was facing an election  Continue Reading »

9 hours ago

“Sexy Summer Camp” For Teens Owner Forced Into Hiding After Public Backlash

A camp for teenagers in Kentucky has come under fire for promoting “self-managed abortions” and encouraging toddlers to experiment  Continue Reading »

10 hours ago

Mom Of Man Shot And Killed By Police Sues County For $17 Million, Furious With Prosecutors Decision

The five Washington state prosecutors who reviewed the case agreed that the fatal police shooting of Jenoah Donald during  Continue Reading »

4 days ago