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New Restaurant’s Controversial Name Sparks Outrage But Owner Won’t Apologize

What’s in a name? Apparently, the residents of a community in Amarillo think that the name of a restaurant  Continue Reading »

Jamming A Roll Of Toilet Paper Into Your Car Window May Save Your Families Life

While cars have become increasingly safer, there are still dangers that are lurking in the design. With all the  Continue Reading »

Fake $100 Bills Are Spreading Across The Country, Here’s How To Spot Them

Many people have heard about counterfeit money being passed from stores to customers and from one person to another  Continue Reading »

90’s Icon Is Unrecognizable In Newly Surfaced Photos

Anyone who’s ever watched the show Melrose Place remembers Heather Locklear. Today Heather looks nothing like her former self  Continue Reading »

Dad Allows 13 Foot Pet Python To “Play” With Toddler

Snakes are considered to be ruthless predators that can only live in the wild. However, some people keep snakes  Continue Reading »

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