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Fake $100 Bills Are Spreading Across The Country, Here’s How To Spot Them

Many people have heard about counterfeit money being passed from stores to customers and from one person to another  Continue Reading »

Teacher Was Putting Boy Student In A Dress, Grandpa Decides To Show Up The Next Day

Parents and grandparents alike are always first in line to protect their children and grandkids. While children often don’t  Continue Reading »

Grandpa Finds The Best Way Ever To Deal With Telemarketers

People have been pulling pranks on telemarketers for years, but one man in Kentucky has decided to take it  Continue Reading »

Anonymous Dead Body Found 39 Years Ago In Corn Field Finally Has An Identity

Authorities have identified the remains of a Brooks County, Georgia woman whose body was dumped in a cornfield dating  Continue Reading »

New Restaurant’s Controversial Name Sparks Outrage But Owner Won’t Apologize

What’s in a name? Apparently, the residents of a community in Amarillo think that the name of a restaurant  Continue Reading »

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