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Child Star Matthew Mindler Commits Suicide Using Sodium Nitrate Purchased On Amazon

According to officials and his mother, Matthew Mindler, a former child actor who used sodium nitrate he ordered from  Continue Reading »

3 days ago

Rachael Ray Opens Up About Devastating House Fire

Rachael Ray’s house in Upstate New York was destroyed by a major fire in 2020, leaving her with nothing.  Continue Reading »

4 days ago

Washington Football Team Cheerleaders Furious Over Photo Leak In John Gruden Scandal

Following allegations that improper photos of squad members were illegally circulated by coaches via email, former Washington Football Team  Continue Reading »

4 days ago

Howie Mandel Rushed To Hospital After Passing Out

On Friday, Howie Mandel was rushed to a local Hospital after fainting at Starbucks.On Wednesday, the “America’s Got Talent”  Continue Reading »

4 days ago

Tim McGraw Jumps Off Stage To Go After Hecklers At Reno Concert

To his followers, Tim McGraw is sending a rather intimidating message – boo me, and I’ll get in your  Continue Reading »

5 days ago

Coroner Determines Cause Of Death For Gabby Petito

According to a Wyoming coroner, Gabby Petito’s cause of death was strangulation, as the worldwide search for Gabby’s missing  Continue Reading »

5 days ago

Serious New Prank Targets Walmart Shoppers

Unfortunately, random acts of violence are no longer as unexpected. There have been accounts from all over the world  Continue Reading »

6 days ago

Judge Who Helped Illegals Avoid ICE Is Now Under Arrest

Newton District Court Judge Shelley M. Richmond Joseph is finding herself on the other side of the law. The  Continue Reading »

6 days ago

Local Chairwoman Bans Pledge Of Allegiance With Chilling Threat To Those Who Stand

The United States of America is a country that is filled with pride and patriotism. The patriotism of the  Continue Reading »

7 days ago

Tim Conway’s Family Breaks Fans Hearts With Latest Updates

One of the most revered funny men and actors of the last 50 years has been the comedic styling  Continue Reading »

7 days ago