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Shania Twain Opens Up About Her Near-Death Experience

Shania Twain’s brush with death was a real event, and there was an immense amount of science involved. The  Continue Reading »

15 hours ago

Wrestling Legend Hulk Hogan Devastating Health News

Wrestling icon Hulk Hogan’s confidante reported that the athlete felt numbness in his lower body after undergoing back surgery,  Continue Reading »

16 hours ago

Teen Girl Facing Backlash For Speaking Out About Encounter With Naked Transgender Woman In Locker Room

At a San Diego city council session, an emotionally charged teen from California spoke of her traumatic experience at  Continue Reading »

16 hours ago

Heartbreak After Ohio Kidnap Rescue: Infant Twin Passes Away

Last December, a horrific incident occurred in Ohio that left the community deeply disturbed. Ky’air Thomas and his brother  Continue Reading »

17 hours ago

After 5 Years Of Heartache, Missing Woman’s Remains Found By Police

After five long, sorrowful years of searching for their daughter Cheyann Klus, who had disappeared after a night out  Continue Reading »

17 hours ago

Transgender Women’s Rugby Player Fights Back Against Accusations Of Unfair Play

Emma Farnan, a transgender woman and rugby player, does not believe she has an unfair advantage over her opponents.  Continue Reading »

18 hours ago

Motown Singer-Songwriter Barrett Strong Dies at 81

With heavy hearts, we regret to inform you that the iconic American singer-songwriter Barrett Strong has passed away at  Continue Reading »

1 day ago

Cindy Williams, Star Of “Laverne & Shirley” Dies At 75

On Monday, the family of Cindy Williams announced her passing. Known famously for her portrayal as Shirley opposite Penny  Continue Reading »

1 day ago

Struggling Single Mom Of 5 Faces On Brink Of Prison For Entrusting Teen Daughter As Babysitter During Work Shift

Although the path to being a great mom is not always straightforward, many mothers strive towards this goal. At  Continue Reading »

2 days ago

Jay Leno’s Misfortune Continues: Another Accident Just A Couple Of Months After Surviving Garage Fire

Jay Leno has been tormented by one setback after another – first, he suffered burns and now it’s broken  Continue Reading »

2 days ago