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Couple Eating Taco Bell Found Dead At Table…Then Cops Notice What’s Wrong

A Michigan couple was discovered dead with a Taco Bell cart piled high at their dining table, and authorities  Continue Reading »

10 hours ago

Military Planned To Send A Marine’s Remains In A UPS Box, These Bikers Wouldn’t Have It

Staff Sgt. Jonathan Turner was an outstanding American hero. He volunteered to serve in the United States Marine Corps  Continue Reading »

11 hours ago

Lifetime Slammed As “Greedy” And “Sick” Over Gabby Petito Movie Ahead Of Premiere

The public has spoken out against the Lifetime network for their upcoming film based on the murder of Gabby  Continue Reading »

11 hours ago

Dad Finds Man Who Kidnapped And Sold His Daughter, And Gives Him A Brutal Justice

Every day, depraved men kidnap young women and girls from their families and sell them into sex slavery rings.  Continue Reading »

13 hours ago

Shoppers Beware: These New Shopping Carts At Walmart Are Spying On You!

Walmart, for example, is constantly looking for new strategies to generate more money. They want you to spend more  Continue Reading »

13 hours ago

Valerie Bertinelli Needs Prayers

These days, Valerie Bertinelli is quite pleased to be single. On Thursday, Valerie sat down on the Today show  Continue Reading »

13 hours ago

This Man Recently Lost His Stepbrother, But When He Sees Soldiers At Chick-Fil-A Something Amazing Happens

Brothers Jonathan and Stephen Full adore one another. They planned a delicious fried chicken dinner for their kids, so  Continue Reading »

1 day ago

Homeowner’s Granddaughter Orchestrated Home Invasion, But It Backfire Big Time

The Escambia County Sheriff’s Office has arrested six people as a result of a home invasion early on Thursday  Continue Reading »

1 day ago

Tragedy Strikes As Celeb’s Fiancé Dies On Their Wedding Day

On Monday, X Factor star Tom Mann took to Instagram to reveal that his fiancée and the mother of  Continue Reading »

1 day ago

Disgusted Family Exposes What McDonald’s Did To Their Food

Workers at a McDonald’s restaurant in Georgia have been accused of inserting bacon into the sandwiches requested by a  Continue Reading »

1 day ago