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Fast Food Worker Springs Into Action As Soon As He Notices What’s Wrong

It isn’t every day that you witness a medical emergency unfold in real life. It also isn’t every day  Continue Reading »

10 hours ago

Coffee Shop Sick Of Rude Customers Gets Revenge With Epic Sign

Most parents teach their children to have manners and be respectful. However, there are still some adults who do  Continue Reading »

1 week ago

Kelly Clarkson And John Legend Face Backlash Over “God Bless The USA” Remarks

John Legend and Kelly Clarkson are famous singers that come as unique as possible. When the television series The  Continue Reading »

1 week ago

All Americans Need To Know This About Melania

Several things make Melania Trump a unique first lady of the United States of America, and one thing that  Continue Reading »

4 months ago

Actors ‘Political’ T-Shirt Stirs Controversy

People are starting to take offense at symbols with historic significance. That is what the actor Chris Pratt got  Continue Reading »

4 months ago

Brett Favre Finally Comments On National Anthem Kneeling

With sports, there are contradicting episodes and gestures that players consider right while they are wrong before the law.  Continue Reading »

4 months ago

5 Year Old Boy Shot And Killed By Neighbor In Senseless Crime

The loss of an innocent child has to be one of the worst crimes against humanity and nature. This  Continue Reading »

4 months ago

People Are Sick Over The Size Of Her Welfare Checks

Welfare is a state funded program that is available for Americans in need. This system was created by President  Continue Reading »

4 months ago

Imported Chicken Wings Tested Positive For Coronavirus According To China

On Thursday, Chinese officials announced that wings of frozen chicken from Brazil tested positive for coronavirus. One of the  Continue Reading »

4 months ago

Reporter Asks Trump If He Regrets All His Lying

President Donald Trump has been under constant criticism over the past several months for this response to the coronavirus  Continue Reading »

4 months ago