A 34-year old woman has been charged and arrested for pushing a 73-year old Trump supporter into traffic in Douglas Massachusetts. The elderly man, George Griffin, and his wife Joann were holding signs showing their support for Donald Trump when the woman Kiara Dudley and her group approached the elderly couple and asked them to leave. Dudley then bumped into Griffin with her body and pushed him off the sidewalk into the traffic.

George Griffin, a war veteran, and his wife Joann are ardent supporters of Donald Trump and actively picketed for Trump’s re-election. George Griffin fought the Vietnam War and served in the United States Navy. On the day of the attack, Griffin was picketing for Trump holding a ‘Veterans for Trump’ sign. Kiera Dudley and her group of liberals approached the couple and asked them to leave after insulting them. They followed the elderly couple and tried to scare them. The Trump sign fell to the ground and another member of the group stomped on it. Undeterred, Griffin tried to retrieve the sign from the ground risking his life for his political beliefs. Dudley prevented him from taking the sign and knocked him to the ground in front of the vehicles at a traffic intersection. Onlookers who saw the fight between the liberal group and the elderly veteran called 911. Griffin claimed that he was saved in time and was lucky that he was not run over by a vehicle and suffered minor scratches and injuries. The police charged Dudley with the assault and battery of an elderly person causing injury. As the media contacted Griffin, he kept elaborating on his story. He claimed that Dudley grabbed his arm and threw him to the middle of the street. He told the Boston Herald that he was just showing his support for his candidate when he was attacked by the group. After Dudley’s arrest, he said that he and his wife are praying for her. Griffin has also stated that despite the attack he will continue to campaign for the re-election of Donald Trump for a second term.

By charging Kiara Dudley, the police have sent a message that though Massachusetts is a liberal state, the law will not tolerate attacks on supporters of Donald Trump. Dudley is a supporter of Bernie Sanders and supports the Black Lives Matter movement. Her supporters posted a $250 cash bail and she was released. She claims that she did not attack the veteran. She claims that Griffin attacked her because she refused to support Donald Trump. She claims he attempted to grab the sign held by her. She claims he broke her necklace and tried to trip her. She claims in an interview with WCVB that Griffin’s story that she attacked him is a lie. Dudley’s group stands by her version of what happened between Griffin and Dudley that day. So far, the real situation is unclear. The Douglas veteran attack remains a “He said, she said” situation. Griffin remains a staunch supporter of Donald Trump and is upset that he was attacked for working towards the re-election of his candidate. Dudley and her group are sticking to their story. They claim that it was they who were attacked for refusing to agree with Griffin and support the campaign of Donald Trump.