A child in a recent meeting with the school board of her local elementary school criticized them for displaying a Black Lives Matter poster on the walls.

The courageous 9-year-old girl identified as Novalee expressed her concerns about politics within her school during the board meeting on June 8. Novalee asked what the students were supposed to think when they see these posters and are told that there are no politics allowed in schools. She notified the school board that she first noticed the posters while walking down the hall at her school to offer a teacher a farewell gift. She states she was told two weeks ago that politics are not permitted at school. She proceeded to speak to the principal after viewing the posters and requested that they be removed.

The director refused to take down the posters since they had been placed by the school board. She referred to Democrat Minnesota Governor Tim Walz as a man who “sits on his throne and watches.” In response, the board president said it is important to be aware of current events, but did not offer any solution or answer for her question.

The child’s actions have sparked a heated debate about race, and the display of Black Lives Matter posters in schools. Some argue that exhibiting these posters is inappropriate for elementary school students to view since they are too young to grasp what is going on in America. Others say that even if there were no protests or riots this summer, it would still be crucial for students at any grade level to learn their rights as citizens.