Due to different reasons, children can end up in foster homes. Brothers and sisters can end up in different homes during adoption. People who are willing to adopt children can decide to take one and let others go to other willing parents. It was the case with Jordan and Braison. Braison got a new home, and the nine-year-old Jordan is still crying for a new home. The two boys used to stay together in a care facility, but Braison was lucky to be adopted early. Jordan is still hoping he will find a new home soon. He used to see his brother, but things have changed. They no longer see each other often. It seems Braison is getting used to his new home. The boy is making pleas for willing parents to adopt him to a new home where he will feel secure and loved. The nine-year-old boy loves roller skating, cheese, and Mac. He dreams of becoming a police officer when he grows up.

For the past six years, Jordan has been living in a foster home. The boy moved from Oklahoma City to live in a foster home after things got worse. For the time, he has been moved from one temporary home to the other. A child moving from one temporary home to the other makes him suffer emotionally. He is pleading for willing homeowners to take him in and make him have a permanent home. Several homes have shown interest in getting him, but it has not been successful. About three years ago, Jordan was featured on KFOR. The weekly adoption series, where it features children are looking for places to call home, attracts many interested homeowners. They were featured together with his brother Braison, but only Braison was lucky. Jordan and his big brother were doing almost everything together. His big brother has been adopted, leaving him alone. The change in lifestyle is making him feel lonely. He hopes soon he will get a family where he will enjoy having in a permanent home.

Things have changed, and Jordan, he not lucky to see his older brother often. The new family where he was adopted has made him adapt to their lifestyle. As a way of looking for willing homeowners to take in Jordan, he was recently featured again on the KFOR. The boy was quick to offer a public plea for loving and willing families to take him home so that he can have a sense of family and grow as normal kids. He is looking for a way he can have a sense of stability in his life. Jordan was asked to make wishes on the show. He surprised many by saying all his wishes were to find a stable home where he can feel like other children. The plea of the boy touched many people, but he has not yet been lucky. There are many people out there who would like to welcome Jordan home, but the process has not been successful. The boy is patient and waiting for any willing home to welcome him. The show was full of emotions when Jordan was making the plea. He has hopes soon someone with good intentions will show up and welcome him to a new lovely home. Any willing home owner can involve Jordan home and the boy will be happy.