Kerry Rose Schwartz, a 37-year-old woman from California, says she was dress-coded at her local gym for wearing leggings while working out. She took to TikTok to share her experience and expose the gym for finding her outfit offensive.

During the video tell-all session, Schwartz mentioned being dress-coded at an all-female fitness center for wearing leggings. While working out, the staff informed her that her body-contour leggings violated the dress code policy. The gym’s owner asked to have a brief conversation with her about the matter. Schwartz felt uncomfortable and explained that she believed she was being shamed for looking good in her workout attire.

The workout enthusiast in California shared her frustration with her 153,000 TikTok followers regarding her experience at an all-female gym. The gym owner had informed her that her workout attire was deemed inappropriate and offensive as it revealed too much skin, and it made others at the gym uncomfortable.

The California woman shared a video on a Chinese social media platform, stating “I was shamed at the gym for my dress code.”

When the gym owner approached her, she was wearing her usual gym attire which included leggings, a sports bra, and sneakers. Due to this, she initially felt confused about why the owner wanted to speak with her.

“I could sense that something was wrong because the conversation got uncomfortable really quickly,” Kerry stated. “They said, ‘I’m really sorry we have to have this conversation, but apparently you’re making a few women feel uncomfortable with the leggings that you’re wearing.’

Kerry felt confused and shocked that she was being singled out for wearing the same type of outfit every day at the gym. Additionally, she was embarrassed as she noticed that other women were wearing similar outfits.

“I almost felt shame even though I shouldn’t.”

Despite paying a large sum of money to work out at a gym that promised to be a “safe space” free from judgment, she did not receive the experience she had expected.

“I wasn’t wearing anything inappropriate,” she stated. Kerry’s past body issues resurfaced due to the confrontation, causing her to experience the same problems and resulting in discomfort and difficulty.

“I struggled with body dysmorphia and feeling comfortable in gyms my entire life,” she stated. She didn’t need this to happen now.

“And when I found a gym that I felt comfortable in that I really enjoyed, it changed my life.”

Did you find her outfit offensive?