Lottie Rae offers her house cleaning services while being naked for $60 per hour. However, she faces uncomfortable situations with some clients who cross the line and engage in inappropriate behavior. She clarifies that her job is not as glamorous as it may seem.

Lottie Rae is shocked that some people are interested in having her come to their house not just for cleaning but also for her nudity. Unfortunately, this is not surprising as the men who hire her often have different expectations beyond just cleaning.

“I’m always looking for ways to make extra money, and I quite like being naked, so I thought, ‘OK, I’ll try it,’” Lottie said.

At first, Lottie was hesitant when offered to clean in the nude because she didn’t want to give the customer the wrong impression or offer them any sexual services. However, she clarified that her services were strictly limited to house cleaning, and then she proceeded to do her job without any further ado.

“The first job I was booked for, I didn’t end up going,” she stated. “I freaked myself out after looking at the house on Google Maps and seeing it backed onto woodland, and I was supposed to be there in the evening. But going forward, I thought, ‘I can do this’ and started accepting jobs. I’ve met all sorts of people over the years.”

She has a group of regular clients who treat her with respect and kindness. As she cleans for them weekly or a few times a month, they have the opportunity to see her naked.

“One of my clients I cleaned for three times altogether, and his house was the dirtiest house I’ve ever come across in my life, teeming with dirt and grime,” Lottie stated. “But when I got there, he didn’t want me to clean it at all.”

One time, a man invited Lottie to his house and played adult entertainment on the television, which she did not want.

“One time, a guy put porn on his TV, and I had to say no,” she stated. “The people who are slightly creepier tend to have perfectly clean houses, so it’s kind of an indicator. I’ve cleaned for some younger guys who seem more sociable. They’re out and about and just have disposable income and want to try something different.”

There is another customer who is a nudist and he understands the situation.

“Another guy I’ve worked with [for the whole six years] is a nudist, so to him, it’s right up his street,” she continued. “He’s already naked when I get in, we have a coffee, and I play with his dog and then get to work.”