It was hard to see anything positive happening when the world was falling apart during COVID-19. However, we did witness people being kind and caring for others, even strangers. Nevertheless, it’s upsetting that even in tough times like these, some people take advantage of others by scamming them.

Even though we have all been impacted by the pandemic in some way, these people went out of their to deceive others. It is astounding that they had the audacity to do this knowing that their victims might be facing difficult financial times as well.

People needed their cars to transport them from point A to point B before the epidemic struck, and we’ve seen how quickly petrol prices have risen since then. Still, even though filling up a car’s gasoline tank is a big financial strain, it’s an obligation.

These days, filling your tank cheaply is as easy as going to a gas station. But while you’re busy pumped up on fumes, there are those who have found ways to exploit the system and get free gas. So be extra vigilant of your surroundings!

In Sacramento County, California, an ARCO gas station’s security cameras captured how these individuals were swapping their gas tanks’ nozzles. Because of this witness’s testimony, the suspects were arrested and there is evidence to support it.

In the video, two automobiles can be seen pulling up to a gas station on Watt Avenue and Blackfoot Way. The suspect’s meter began as soon as the victim started pumping gas, which is an issue. However, the problem is that the victim is unaware that he’s paying for gasoline from another car.

To warn drivers, station manager Bobby Johl posted the video on social media. He also gave a short interview to assist broadcast the news and prevent further people from being victimized. He stated, “You can see now, the hose comes across the pump instead of on the side itself, but it was really quick, only took a second.”

As Johl said, the perpetrator would start pumping gas into their own car as soon as someone drove up to gas next to them. They then quickly switched the nozzles between cars so that victim ended up paying for the suspect’s gas.

Per Johl, in order to avoid being cheated, begin and stop the pump so that you receive an accurate reading. Therefore, keep pumping as long as your meter doesn’t dip below zero.

The police recommended that customers double-check the connection between the nozzle and their own car’s gas pump, to avoid any mix-ups.

After the station realized what had occurred, they reimbursed anyone who was taken advantage of.

It’s not easy for anyone these days, so make the most of it and be honest with yourself while going through this difficult time. Be cautious that fraudsters are lurking around, ready to target their next victim during these trying times.