As a journalist for a well-respected publication, it is my pleasure to bring you the latest news from the fashion industry. In a groundbreaking move, Levi’s CEO, Chip Bergh, took center stage as the iconic company went public on Wall Street, solidifying its position as a beacon of style and innovation in the fashion world. Amidst the excitement and fanfare, Bergh revisited a controversial topic that has intrigued and puzzled denim aficionados for years: the washing of jeans.

Bergh, a seasoned veteran in the industry at 61 years old, made waves back in 2014 when he boldly declared that machine washing jeans was a cardinal sin that could spell doom for the fabric’s longevity. In a recent exclusive interview with CNN, he reiterated his stance, emphasizing the beauty and durability of denim when spared from the harsh cycles of a washing machine. Surprisingly, Bergh confessed that his own prized pair of jeans, a faithful companion for over a decade, had never touched the inside of a washing machine.

“I almost wore my 10-year-old 501s today, the very jeans I was wearing when I made that bold statement [of refraining from washing jeans],” Bergh shared at the Wall Street celebration. His revelation highlighted the remarkable resilience of denim when treated with care and respect.

While Bergh’s jeans bore the marks of years of wear, they still exuded charm and integrity, a testament to his unconventional approach to denim care. Even the newer pair he wore for the special occasion had never been subjected to a wash cycle, proving his dedication to preserving the essence of the fabric.

In a lighthearted moment, Bergh jokingly suggested that his aversion to washing jeans might be his defining legacy, playfully hinting that it could be memorialized on his tombstone. However, his strong conviction on the matter remained unwavering, resonating with denim enthusiasts around the globe.

Bergh adamantly rejected the idea of freezing jeans to eliminate germs, dismissing it as a futile endeavor. Instead, he offered practical tips for maintaining denim, such as spot cleaning and hand washing, methods that he personally swears by to safeguard his beloved jeans.

For those seeking a more gentle approach to jean care, Bergh recommended soaking denim in a refreshing bath of cold water with a touch of distilled white vinegar. This natural remedy effectively banishes odors and extends the vibrancy of the fabric, ensuring that jeans stay crisp and vibrant for longer.

Additionally, Bergh endorsed the practice of hanging jeans in the bathroom during a steamy shower to reap the benefits of the moisture, a simple yet effective way to deodorize and preserve denim. Moreover, flipping jeans inside out and washing them at lower temperatures can prevent fading and help prolong their lifespan.

As Levi’s embarks on this exciting new chapter as a publicly traded company, Bergh’s unconventional wisdom on denim care serves as a beacon of the brand’s dedication to excellence and sustainability. By challenging traditional norms and advocating for mindful consumption, Levi’s continues to lead the way in fashion, all while honoring the timeless allure of denim craftsmanship.