There has been some new research surrounding Ibuprofen and people over the age of 55. This new medical research has determined that taking Ibuprofen, over age of 55, has shown to cause health risks. This research provides the medical professionals with valuable information surrounding various risk factors, new diseases and other types of discoveries that relate to health. The latest research involves various pain relievers. This research involves the over-the-counter brands of pain relievers. This research has involved the types of pain relievers that relieve the following medical concerns:
* various aches and pains
* assist in headache relief
* relieve pain caused by toothaches
These pain relievers are not prescribed by physicians, they can be purchased at the average brick and mortar facility.

Side Effects
The medical studies have displayed some valid side effects, involving Ibuprofen and other types of anti-inflammatory medications. The studies have shown that these types of pain relievers have the ability to raise the risks of having a heart attack. This increase can be raised up to 50 percent, for those over the age of 55 years old. The studies have shown, these types of drugs have a timeframe and this involves when they ought to be taken. The other side effects, listed on the label, include the following:
* stroke risks
* risk of ulcer development
* various other effects
Experiments, medical, had been conducted on 446,000 different patients. The patients were from Europe and Canada. All of their medical data had been analyzed. It was discovered that 60,000 individuals did have a cardiac disorder. Most of the individuals has taken various NSAIDS (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug). They had taken them for a week (minimum) and they took them regularly. It was common to see, many of them, experience a cardiac emergency after taking them on a regular basis.

Short Term and Regular Use
The outcome, of the medical research, showed a link between regular use of some pain relievers and the higher risk of experiencing a heart attack from taking it. Many individuals showed probable risks for having future heart surgery, as a result of ongoing use of some pain relievers. This includes the following pain relievers:
* Ibuprofen
* Motrin
* Advil
* naproxen medicines (other common brands that reduce fevers and pain)
It ought to be noted, the studies have clearly shown, taking large doses, will greatly increase the risks of various heart diseases and will raise the chances of having an actual heart attack.

Allergies: Precautions and Ibuprofen
The research reveals, anyone with an allergy to various types of NSAIDs and aspirin, would not be a good candidate for taking Ibuprofen. This would include those who have asthma conditions too. Individuals, with the following health conditions:
* blood clotting
* diabetics
* tissue diseases
* lupus
* many others
They are wise to inquire with a medical professional prior to taking Ibuprofen and various other pain relievers, with these types of conditions. This type of over-the-counter medicine should not be taken unless a trained medical professional has approved taking it to relieve symptoms.

Pregnant Women and Ibuprofen
A pregnant lady should not be taking Ibuprofen during the last three months of their pregnancy. Taking this pain reliever could affect the unborn baby in a negative way. A child, under the age of two, should not take Ibuprofen without a prescription from a credible physician.