When it comes to considering where you want to settle, there are many things you should consider. If traveling is your thing, then living close to the international airport will be necessary. You’ll also want to be near a school if you have kids. Then there is the crime rate to consider and ensuring that it is pretty low is great to know too. But what about politics? It should be said that being conservative is a lot better than having views that oppose each other. This is why living in a city that is conservative will always be a good idea. Like the ones, we have listed below.

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tulsa is as conservative as you are going to get. This includes a nice blend of residents who are nothing but happy. Along with this happiness, the residents also think the same, which allows them to enjoy the same views and interests. This says a lot when it comes to being conservative.

Arlington, Texas

Located among Fort Worth and Dallas is the lovely city of Arlington. Even though it’s a conservative city, Arlington offers a lot of activities that provide nonstop action. With values that are beyond conservative, residents can enjoy a full life with very little to worry about. Being a local will also allow you to enjoy a slew of sporting events that take place in Dallas. These events include baseball and football games.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Living in Colorado Springs provides residents with nature just outside their door and a terrain sitting at the base of the Rockies. The city of Colorado Springs provides many outdoor activities for those who love to trek and hike in the surrounding area. You can make your way to Pikes Peak located in Pike National Forest where you can easily make your way to the summit, which is over 14,000 feet.

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Virginia Beach has a nice, long boardwalk that stretches for three miles along the beach. It is considered a resort-style town in its own right. Besides being a tourist destination, it is full of history thanks to its First Landing State Park which is dedicated to the English colonists that landed in Jamestown in the 1600s.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

The one thing that Oklahoma City is known for the most has to be the culture that surrounds the cowboy. Besides that, there are many other reasons involving its heritage. Also, with many oil wells nearby, there will never be a shortage of resources.

Mesa, Arizona

Although Mesa is not an official city, the residents do get to enjoy many things. A few of these things include a substantially low cost of living in comparison to many other major cities. The crime rate is practically nonexistent and housing is pretty affordable too with homes under $155K. We can’t forget about the nice, warm weather that is paired nicely with low tax rates.