God’s creation is perfect, and no one is allowed to criticize his works. Creating man on the last day didn’t mean he was inferior, but it meant that man was special to other creatures, and that’s why He put him in charge of other creations. Man was given the mandate to fill the earth hence take a vital role in God’s creation, referred to as procreation. As per our creator, we are all made in his image hence the phrase “everyone is wonderfully and fearfully made.” Though we possess different colors, heights, and others, it doesn’t guarantee one a feeling of superiority over others and vice versa. Despite God’s word and servants showing clearly that there is no superior life, there are those who feel superior to people from other tribes, races, faith, or political parties. Also, those disabled are viewed by some who don’t understand God’s work as inferior. The truth is, we are all equal before the eyes of our creator, a message that needs to sink into many racists’ heads.

Also, economic classes tend to be understood differently, and many wealthy people view themselves as special to the impoverished and vice versa, which is not true. When you are blessed, it is expected of you to share with those lacking in fulfillment of one of God’s superior laws, “Love your neighbor as you love yourself.” So if many rich people and countries follow this law, there will be no cases of racism. Some whites view black people from developing countries as inferior since they highly depend on developed countries. Being rich than blacks doesn’t license them to undermine black lives. After George Floyd was murdered in May 2020 by American forces inhumanly, many came out, condemning those police officers’ heinous act making clear that Black Lives Matter. Also, influential businesses including Amazon, volunteered to fund the Black Lives Matter Movement to educate those with different opinions, thereby ensuring equality and justice are granted to all in America.

After that incident, many celebrities went to their social media accounts condemning such wickedness. Though many have indicated that All Lives Matter, which is true, Ashton Kutler, a media personality who played a silly role on 70s Show, believe the phrase “All Lives Matter” undermines the effort of the Black Live Matter Movement. According to Ashton, since it was a black who was killed, people should learn to educate those who believe that Black lives don’t matter. Since the idea is to make these people who think black lives are inferior understand that they matter as white lives do, people should use the Phrase BLM. After Ashton posted on all his social media channels, BLM, many flooded with a counter-message of All Lives matter. He discourages people from using a canceling mechanism used in the political arena. According to the forty-three-year-old Kutler, those writing that ALM shouldn’t be canceled with BLM, but rather educated. Ashton tried to give an analogy of an incident that happened in his home where they always read his daughter’s favorite book then his son’s. The boy went to ask why they always read the one for his sister first, and the girl responded, “Because girls go first,” an answer that angered the boy. Kutler’s son turned to him for an explanation since he believed that also boys go first. Ashton’s response to his son was NO, girls go first, and went ahead to educate the boy why girls should go first.