There is an unwritten rule in life. Sometimes things get so bad, you just cannot take it anymore. Everyone has a breaking point when the unacceptable has to be called out and follow-up is not just necessary but is an absolute requirement. People often put up with horrendous situations but then there is that moment when enough is just enough and action, strong action, must be undertaken. We have all been there once or maybe many multiple times. It could be a bad boss, a bad customer service experience, a bad traffic situation, a rude passenger on public transportation, or any number of other scenarios. When it finally gets to the point of no return, people will act, swiftly and often without regard to the consequences their actions may have for them or for others. That seems to be the way life is in the 21st century. But in fact, this may be a universal and long-held way of life.

This exact situation occurred to Beth McGrath, an employee at a Walmart in the state of Louisiana. However, not many people would have the courage of their convictions as she had. Ms. McGrath had had more than enough with her Walmart job. She took to the Walmart public address system to have her say. Beth decided to unload all of her frustrations at once and to anyone within the sound of her voice. Ms. McGrath announced that she had come to the point in her five-year employment stint at Walmart that she needed to speak out. She denounced the store for not only overworking her and her colleagues but said that they were also vastly underpaid. Her job in the electronics department of the store and her supervisors, made her feel that she was not at all valued by management. She shared that the employees and even the customers treated the staff very poorly and made them all feel greatly unappreciated. She specifically called out her boss, Jarred, as a pervert and her supervisors, Greta and Kathy, for being the ones treating associates so badly. Even further, she mentioned that older Walmart employees were treated especially horribly. And then, with the use of serious expletives, she publicly quit!

Not surprisingly, Beth posted a video of her quitting and calling out management on Facebook. She never expected the amount of positive support she received. Upon receiving this overwhelming support, she was not hesitant to explain that she did this to be the voice of others who could not speak out. She says she learned that people should not be afraid to speak their minds and say what they had to say even if it tears you down and has a great cost. Ms. McGrath showed unusual courage and spunk.