As a journalist for a conservative-leaning outlet, I covered a bold move by a Los Angeles boutique that stood up against shoplifting and called out the Democratic leadership in California. Kitson, the boutique in question, took a stand by publicly shaming alleged shoplifters and pointing fingers at the Democrats for the rising crime affecting their business.

Frustrated by the continuous theft, Kitson took action by displaying images of the suspected thieves on its windows, naming and shaming them for the whole community to see. They didn’t stop there – the boutique took to Instagram with a video that not only blasted the criminals but also criticized the local Democratic leaders who seem to turn a blind eye to the crime wave.

In a bold move to make a statement, Kitson’s caption alongside the video, which featured Rockwell’s iconic song “Somebody’s Watching Me,” warned voters to remember the consequences of their choices. “Remember this when you vote. You steal from us, we expose you to everyone – your friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues,” Kitson boldly proclaimed.

The owner of Kitson, Fraser Ross, who does not align with a specific party, emphasized that he is simply highlighting the issues impacting small businesses. In his words to Breitbart News, Ross expressed disappointment in the lack of support from celebrities during times of crisis, urging the community to hold these high-profile individuals accountable for their actions.

Not stopping at shoplifters, Kitson also called out prominent Democrats like former Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Hunter Biden, and Dr. Fauci. By displaying unflattering images of these figures on their windows, the boutique sent a strong message about the need for accountability and the importance of supporting local businesses.

Moreover, Ross took a jab at Democratic Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass, suggesting that she should house any homeless suspects in her own home, along with her two guns, after experiencing a burglary. This statement reflects the frustration of many business owners who feel abandoned by the political leadership.

Other incidences of top California politicians falling victim to crimes were also reported, with Rep. Adam Schiff being robbed during a fundraising event in San Francisco. These incidents only add fuel to the fire of critics who blame the Democratic policies for promoting criminal behavior in the state.

As conservative group End Wokeness highlighted, California politicians are facing the consequences of their lenient policies on crime. From Mayor Karen Bass being robbed to a live TV interview attack on San Jose Mayor Matt Mahan’s security detail, the state’s leaders are feeling the impact of their own decisions.

The initiative by Kitson to shame shoplifters and hold political figures accountable for their actions has sparked a conversation on the need for change and support for local businesses. The bold stance taken by the boutique serves as a wake-up call to voters to consider the implications of their choices when it comes to the leadership of California.