Few actors have been able to attain the career longevity of Tom Selleck. The veteran actor first came to worldwide prominence playing investigator Magnum P.I. in the 1980s. But, unlike many other entertainers, he was able to parlay this popularity into even more success. While most thespians who are closely associated with a role never seem able to shake it, Selleck easily transitioned into playing varied roles. His IMDb profile demonstrates just how versatile he is. Indeed, there are few gaps in Selleck’s resume. Although his early roles seemed to emphasize his good looks and masculinity, Tom Selleck is so much more than just another leading man. His easy manner and recognizable face have continued to propel him forward in an industry that does not always honor its veterans.

In the 1990s, just as one would expect Selleck’s star to fade, he was cast as the unexpected love interest of Monica Geller, played by actress Courteney Cox. Suddenly, audiences could see past Tom Selleck’s sex appeal and charisma. In his role on the hit show, the mustached actor called upon his comedic chops and made audiences laugh. Although the May-December romance between Monica and Dr. Richard Burke did not work out, no one could deny that Selleck was a beloved fan favorite. In fact, in the recent Friends reunion, the audience’s boisterous response to Selleck showcased just how very adored he was in the role of Richard.

Tom Selleck was not like one of these actors that has connections and therefore experiences more of an easy time getting into the business. Born to a hardworking, blue-collar family in 1945, Selleck’s experience of childhood mirrored that of many other Americans. He and his siblings competed for their parents’ affection. Selleck even got in trouble a lot of the time, resulting in corporal punishment from his father. Although young Tom desperately wanted to attend USC, his family could not afford it. The only way for him to come out to California was to get a basketball scholarship and then attend a different school. Eventually, he would transfer to his dream school and start audition. Television roles were not far behind. Through all of his ups and downs, though, Selleck has maintained that his success is due to the Lord. A devout Christian, he leans upon his faith in Jesus Christ at all times. Although Hollywood isn’t necessarily a place that promotes religiosity, Selleck is loud and proud about what being a Christian means to him. His relationship with Jesus, in fact, has only deepened over the years.