Nothing can seem to come close to a complete Thanksgiving dinner than cranberry sauce. However, it seems like many dinner guests have begun to shun the idea as being necessary at all. This is especially if you plan to buy the canned stuff instead of making it homemade. In fact, many Americans were surveyed concerning the fact and confessed that they were happy without having the canned stuff at all. With that said, you better forget about buying any premade cranberry sauce or let alone making it yourself.

Throughout the survey, it was discovered that many individuals have a deep repugnance for cranberry sauce that is canned. In fact, the majority of Americans actually find it repulsive. Regardless of this result, customers continued to buy canned cranberry sauce during the previous year and served it right from the can as Thanksgiving dinner was served. With Thanksgiving being so popular in American culture, it is able to bring families together to enjoy and share what they are most thankful for. With the thanks though, they sometimes do not extend towards the menu that is offered. During the survey, it was also discovered that many families experienced difficulties with deciding who would host the festive meal. With more than 80% of homes hosting a Thanksgiving meal, more than 20% have admitted that they did not enjoy doing so. Also, over 15% of hosts also let it be known that they had wished to not have hosted it. It was found that the major pains of hosting involved having to visit a grocery store on more than one occasion in order to have what they needed.

Interestingly, the survey conducted by Instacart saw a tendency towards Cheez Whiz. Evidently, when it comes to Cheez Whiz, there are many households who have to have it on their table during their big feast. A question on the survey directly asked if any substances representing cheese was incorporated into their turkey meal. Although you may not think that the cheesy substance would be the first “go-to” choice, it was one choice that many homes made in the weeks ahead of the festive day. In just the previous year alone, a huge increase was seen with sales that involved Cheez Whiz. This is amazing when you measure the difference in sales seen during the Christmas season where the increase is slightly lower than Thanksgiving. It is obvious that with these amazing sales, the sales of Cheez Whiz occurs a lot more during the fall and winter holidays than any other time of the year. The culture in America normally determines what items should be included in a festive meal. But, unfortunately, everybody does not agree with the normal traditions so they set out to create their own and this includes the start of excluding canned cranberry sauce. What would be nice to know is if guests are being forced to enjoy it out of expectations.