It is common to find a family that does not tie up their dog but roams around the house. Other families prefer to tie their dog outdoor and still don’t let it in the house. The dog owners have different views on tying the dog, being a punishment or management. Some believe that when they tie the dog outside, they have its control, while this might be punishment according to other dog owners. The current picture of a chained dog circulating among online users has moved millions of viewers. The picture was taken from Cagua, Venezuela, where the owner had tied it using a short tether that made her barely rest her head. The act made the neighbors inform the animal rescue and the police about the situation. When the rescuers arrived, they found that the dog had no water nor food that shows the kind of suffering she was going through. It was a relief for her since the rescuers offered food and water, which changed the situation. The rescuers decided to change the living condition for her betterment. She was also relieved of the heavy chain from her neck that had made scars and marks around the neck. She can now live a healthy life without being chained since the rescuers provided proper care. All thanks go to the concerned neighbors who were able to raise the alarm and get help.

Tying a dog is seem like not a bad thing to do, but there are several reasons for not doing so. It is not recommended to tie a dog. This makes it becoming more aggressive and territorial. This is their nature. But when they are given a small place to live in, they become more hostile. The book by the title “Understanding Your Dog” states that chained dogs try to show their aggression by lunging and barking, mostly when confined in a small area. It is a mechanical defense behavior which they use to guard their territories. Dogs are naturally friendly. This is according to the Humane Society of the United States. They can freely interact with people and other animals in the same environment. But when the dogs are chained, their territories become limited, making them aggressive and causing psychological damage to them. This affectionate animal starts becoming unhappy and aggressive when denied its freedom.

Some people may think that it is enough when they give their dog’s food and water, but this is not the case. A dog needs proper care. Chained dogs rarely receive veterinary services and interactions with the environment. When a dog is chained, then there is a possibility of receiving sporadic feeding and overturned water dish at some point. As a dog owner or planning to own one, remember to become friendly to it. The dog should be allowed where it can have warmer beds indoors. Don’t forget to socialize with this animal as it needs care just like your kid. Dogs need space to play around, sleep, and socialize with the environment rather than being chained outdoors. With this, be sure that they will become more friendly and good pets.