The Internet, technology and social media have combined to allow people to do amazing things. It is now possible to connect with people from around the world or stay in touch with distant relatives.

Technology can also sometimes cause problems. An issue hitting some areas has to do with groups of people forming flash mobs on social media. Dozens or hundreds of people spontaneously all appear somewhere often to cause trouble. Not all flash mobs are out to commit crimes or cause trouble. Some are attempting to do something good for the community. The Second Baptist Church of Houston saw a video of some people in Budapest putting on a performance for charity.

It inspired the large church to do the same. An event was organized in the Discovery Green in Houston. A single person walked out into the middle of the park. The edges of the field were surrounded by nearly 2,000 church members.

The one person in the center started dancing to a song the church commissioned. The 2,000 other people joined in after a minute. It took them over a month to learn the choreography for the number. The entire performance lasted for just around five minutes before everyone dispersed. Each participant in the gathering left behind a pair of new shoes. They were collected and then donated to local charities, shelters and missions throughout Houston.

The event was dubbed Dance Your Shoes Off. It took place in April of 2011 and helped many underprivileged people who needed new shoes.