Live game shows are a breeding ground for hilarious moments. Contestants are eager to win the game, but are wrought with nerves from the audience, cameras and opponents.

For years, television game shows, such as Wheel of Fortune and Family Feud, have produced some the most hilarious moments in game show history. From obscene to naive, the answer may vary but they are always hilarious. First, there are those answers that just don’t make any sense. The contestant in a hurry to answer the question blurts out the first thing that comes to their head, even if it does not make sense. One Wheel of Fortune contestant can relate to this, when he went to solve the puzzle and blurted out a pretty obscene phrase.

Yes, the words fit, but that definitely was not the answer Pat Sajak was looking for! Then, there are those contestants that seem to have their mind stuck in the gutter. It seems as many contestants on Family Feud seem to have this problem.

One contestant was asked, “What gets bigger as people get older?” His answer? Penis. Then there was the other contestant who was asked, “What is something someone does once a week?” His wife turned a deep shade of red when he blurted out, “Have sex!” We can guess he will never live that one down!