Some people will go to any effort in order to take things that don’t belong to them. One man has shown with his thievery that all phones should come with a device that is rather shocking when they are taken.

A few pranksters decided to place a taser inside a phone. They went to sleep, waiting for someone to try to take the phone from them. One person was brave enough to try to take the phone. As soon as he picked it up to try to use it, he received a shock from the taser. You can clearly see that the man who takes the phone is sizing the prankster up by making sure he is asleep on the bench.

When he is sure that the prankster isn’t going to say anything, he leaves with the man’s phone. As soon as the man is away from the bench, the prankster uses another phone to give a shock. The thief quickly drops the phone, unsure of what has taken place. Another incident takes place in a park. A man is sitting on a bench, observing the area.

He leaves a phone on the ground in front of the bench. Two people make their way over to the bench and the phone. One picks the phone up and is shocked when she tries to make a call.