You may never think that simply working or playing with your kids in your backyard could lead to a massive discovery, but itís happened before!

Whether itís something valuable, rare or foreign, people how found all sorts of things in their backyards that they never expected to be there. Sometimes itís even been the kids themselves who have stumbled upon the discovery.

Jose Antonio Nievas, a farmer in Argentina, found an odd object that looked like a stone but that actually weighed two tons. The object was determined to be the shell of an ancient animal that was as large as a small car.

In Salt Lake City, a homeowner came across human remains – bones, to be exact – that were approximately 1,000 years old. When Mack Reed, a homeowner in Los Angeles, went to install solar panels in his home, he came upon a buried vault in his yard that was filled with marijuana.

In 1978, a couple of kids found a Dino 246 GTS Ferrari while exploring and digging in the backyard. When property was being setup for a new home development in Orlando, a bomb from World War II was found on the land.

Over time, as many as 126 bombs were found – the property had been a bombing field in WWII.