Most people have seen “A Charlie Brown Christmas.” It’s a staple for most families during the holiday season. The movie aired on television recently for the 50th time, but there is something that you might not have noticed about the movie if you’ve watched it once or hundreds of times in your life.

The Christmas special is one that gives a nostalgic feeling for those who are older and have seen it with their parents and grandparents while creating new memories for those who are younger.

There have been many schools and groups to perform the play that goes along with the movie. One of the things that you might not pay attention to is that Linus drops his blanket when he’s talking.

Charlie Brown is known for his shirt and the stripes on it, and Linus is known for holding his blanket all the time. The friends try to get Linus to part with his blanket, but it doesn’t work. While Linus is giving his speech in the middle of the play and talks about what Christmas is truly about, he quotes a Bible verse.

In the verse are the words “fear not.” This is when Linus drops his blanket. It is said that Jesus’ birth allows people to separate from their fears, Linus dropping his blanket being a symbol of that thought.

A poster from the classic scene in A Charlie Brown Christmas  in which Linus quotes the Bible to tell the Christmas story  was taken down at a public school in Killeen, Texas. The principal claimed it violated the U.S. Constitution.