There are few things in life that are as simple and pleasurable as watching something explode, and one man recently discovered a way to make a shooting rocket out of nothing more than a bottle of soda and some liquid nitrogen.

The man in question is a YouTube star known as Crazy Russian Hacker, and his page is loaded with all sorts of tips and tricks for a fun, if not slightly dangerous, afternoon.

The video starts off with him explaining that he wanted to try to make a rocket by mixing Coca-cola with liquid nitrogen, and he does so without any safety equipment beyond eye protection.

He uses a two-liter bottle that has been emptied about half way, and he has a large container of liquid nitrogen from which to draw his fuel.

He takes a small styrofoam cup and uses it to transfer the liquid nitrogen from its housing to the bottle of Coke. At first, it seems as if there isn’t going to be any significant reaction at all, but after he has poured some of the nitrogen into the bottle, he flips the bottle upside down.

Nearly the instant the bottle starts to tip upside down in his hand, it rockets away with incredible force. He has two cameras trained on him for the experiment, and even in slow motion the cameras only barely capture the image of the bottle zooming away.

He then tries the same experiment with water instead of Coke, and achieves nearly the same result.