It is extremely difficult to find anything better than a little playful puppy. There is a video of a small white and black Shih Tzu puppy that is absolutely adorable. The puppy is face to face with the person who got down on the floor to play. Even the coldest of hearts will melt when they watch this interaction. It is nearly impossible not to smile. The entire body of the puppy is wiggling and wagging while he pounces playfully on the man then covers him with sweet doggie kisses. This exchange is adorably sweet. The man is tickling and petting the small dog and it does not appear he intends to slow down. Shih Tzu’s have a reputation for their cuddly personality and playfulness. Just like the majority of dogs they give all their unconditional love to their owners. Over the years this video has been viewed millions of times. This is because nearly everyone receives a lot of joy when they view the video.

The comments offered regarding this YouTube video made it obvious the viewers were enchanted. One comment spoke of the happiness every time the beautiful video was watched. Another viewer stated the video made them want a Shih Tzu and have to have one. The words adorable and cute were used often. Once viewer claimed they smiled for three full minutes after watching the video while another declared it was the most wonderful thing ever witnessed. Yet another viewer proclaimed they laughed and smiled during the entire video. This is the type of love that brings warmth to the heart. There is no doubt a Shih Tzu makes an amazing pet. This video has been called the cutest puppy video in history due to the adorably puppy, the tender music and the sweet man. It was noted it may become impossible to accomplish anything with this cute little bundle of energy around. Many people would choose to play with this puppy all day and night instead of getting any work done. A lot of viewers agreed this was the best breed. One viewer spoke of her two Shih Tzu’s and said they were her best friends.

One of the commentators talked about her own little love-able dog. The video was reminiscent of a white and red Chihuahua named Patty. When she came to the family she was two months old and only weighed one pound. Patty loved to play as much as the Shih Tzu in the video. The owner worked on cars all day and came home to the little dog running. She would stand on her hind legs, madly wag her tail and wave her paws. This was how the dog told her owner she wanted to play fight. She would always check out what was in her owners pockets by sticking in her head. She would use her teeth to grab hold of the bandana, pull it from the pocket and run away shaking the bandana. At six pounds and eight years of age nothing has changed. One of the commentators was immensely cheered up by the adorable little puppy in the video. The dog brought a huge smile to his face. He said puppies could remain innocent because they were protected and loved by a kind and big human like the one in the video.