When a new dream home is built right next to another residence it will draw mixed reactions. Some people may be willing to welcome their new neighbors while others may be jealous at the obvious success of the owners. Most people understand it is wrong to criticize others for achieving their dream. This is a temptation that can be difficult to resist when the new home places every other house in the neighborhood in a state of shame. This was the situation in Marietta, Georgia outside of Atlanta. Indian Hills Parkway is were the new home is being built on the 900 block. The neighbors are already showing outrage at the construction of the new home. The couple had the lot leveled to begin construction on a dream home encompassing 5,600 square feet. This home will tower the other homes because it is three stories tall.

The size of the home is attracting attention and mocking the smaller homes. This has triggered outrage from the neighbors. A column was written for the Atlanta Journal by Bill Torpy. Brett Flury along with his wife were criticized for building their dream home. The couple want their perfect, forever home built. Brett stated he has always lived in this neighborhood. He also wants to be friendly with the neighbors. He said this is the home he will live in with his wife for forty or fifty years. The new home has been dubbed the McMansion. Torpy is attacking Flury through his column. He wrote this term is being used to degenerate the enormous houses being built with people possessing more money than taste. The new home is not in line with the other homes in the neighborhood. Tourists have even stopped right on the street to take pictures of the mansion. Violeta Toma is one of the local residents. She said the reason pictures are being taken is because the house is a monstrosity that does not fit in with the neighborhood.

Violeta is not the only one outraged that the Flury’s are building their new home. The neighbors believe they are using the monstrosity to show off their large income and their money. One individual commented on Facebook that the same thing was done in the neighborhood where they grew up. They said it looked repulsive and made the neighbors feel like they could no longer enjoy their homes because the mansions were looming right over them. Another commentator stated a tasteless behemoth should not be built if the owners are unable to afford a much larger lot. Brett Flury is being shamed by the residents of Marietta for constructing his dream home. Massive homes have been around for an incredibly long period of time. They are used by people with money as a showcase to their wealth. The go big or go home trend has escalated during the last couple decades in America. The New Housing report issued by the United States Department of Commerce shows in 1973 the size of the average home was 1,600 square feet. This increased to 2,687 square feet by 2015. The Chief of the local civic association is Bob Collins. He believes he figured out the way the new money people are thinking. He said they receive instant gratification by having something larger than their parents owned.