Norwich police are currently conducting a criminal investigation along with searching for the individual in question after a Norwich resident painted a woman to appear as though she was trapped in the bed of his truck. The woman is depicted upside down with her face and upper body sticking out of the back of the pick-up while her legs extend into the truck box. Many residents are upset about the message sent by the painting of a woman in his truck Norwich Police Lieutenant Daniel Richard said Norwich Police received multiple complaints about Norwich resident Brice Royer, who recently painted a woman to appear as though she was trapped in the back of his pickup truck. A graphic designer herself, Sophia Forte is deeply offended by the image. Forte said she believes the painting is misogynistic and denigrates women. Police say they are currently trying to locate the truck owner Brice Royer for questioning Norwich residents expressed their outrage over social media some saying that Royer, should be ashamed of the message his painting conveyed, while others believed he was just being creative. Norwich Chief of Police Patrick Daley said he has opened an investigation into the shocking display of abuse.

Norwich’s community along with Jasmine Reeve’s campaign worker are currently organizing a peaceful protest outside the Norwich Public Utilities. Norwich residents are encouraged to attend and show their support for women while peacefully protesting under unlawful actions such as this one. Another Norwich resident, Sharon Whitehead said she will be attending the rally and encouraged more Norwich residents to join in on the outrage over Royer’s painting. “I’m disgusted by it and I’m going to go,” Whitehead said. Norwich City Councilor Amy Marie Rivers said this is an opportunity for Norwich residents to come together against violence. Norwich School Board President Jane Polsterer said she also planned to attend the rally and encouraged Norwich Public Utilities to take action against the offensive painting.

This could be seen as art by some, but it has no place near Norwich Public Utilities. The Norwich community has expressed outrage over the painting and Norwich Public Utilities has yet to comment. Norwich Police are currently investigating the incident but say they do not have the authority to remove it because the Norwich Public Utilities is on public land. Norwich Police Department spokesman Lieutenant Daniel Richard said Norwich Police has received several complaints about the painting and has launched an investigation. Norwich Police are asking anyone with information about Brice Royer or his vehicle to call Norwich Police. Norwich Mayor Victoria Gearity said Norwich is planning to take action against Mr. Royer and will hold him accountable for his actions. “This type of behavior is not acceptable for members of our community,” Mrs. Gearity said in a statement released from City Hall. “Norwich will not tolerate this individual’s disturbing and offensive behavior. Norwich holds its citizens to high standards of conduct, and I am confident the Norwich Police Department will thoroughly investigate this matter.” Gearity declined to provide further details about what kind of action the city might take against Royer but said she believed “criminal charges are warranted in this case as soon as legally possible.” Art or not, the community in Norwich is angered and offended by Royer’s message through this image.