This summer a 43-year-old woman was kicked out of a community pool because the employees of the waterpark claimed that her bathing suit was too small. This 43-year-old woman was approached by a worker at the Adventure Oasis waterpark and was asked to put on shorts because they said her bathing suit bottoms were too small. She asked to talk to the manager of the pool and he agreed that she should put on shorts. When the woman, who was with her nieces and nephews, refused to put on shorts, she was asked to leave the pool. She was wearing a standard bikini top and bikini bottom. The bathing suit was not a thong bottom, but instead, a standard option that women can buy in almost any clothing store. According to the report, almost every woman at the waterpark was wearing a similar style bathing suit, but no one else was confronted about their bathing suit is too small.

The 43-year-old woman named Sheafer left the premises but did not hide her frustration. Almost immediately, she went to Facebook to state what happened to her. She stated that there were plenty of other women who were wearing the same type of bathing suit as her and that she was being discriminated against because of her fuller figure and her age. Her Facebook post gained a lot of attention and her story has become a nationwide story. As women all over the world are struggling with confidence and body issues, this woman is speaking out to appeal to the masses. She truly believes that she was singled out for being an older woman at a pool in a bikini. Other women at the pool were wearing bathing suits like her and they were never asked to cover up or to put on shorts. Instead, she was asked to cover up or leave even though she was swimming and enjoying the park with her family. She was humiliated in front of her friends and family. What started out as a fun day at the pool turned into a nightmare for this woman who just wanted to have fun.

Sheafer was very unhappy with the decisions of the park and asked to have the police called. When the police arrived on the premises they could not do anything for the woman even though they felt very sorry for her. They simply escorted her off the premises and enforced the decision of the waterpark. Since the waterpark was a privately owned company, the police officers that arrived on the scene could do almost nothing for the woman, except talk her down. The woman was unjustly discriminated against based on her age and figure. She will not let the issue go and is looking to sue the company for discrimination. While there is no telling what will happen in the lawsuit, the woman is setting a great example for all other women in the nation today. No woman should ever feel discriminated against for their weight, age, or body type. They should be allowed to wear whatever makes them feel comfortable as long as they are not causing harm to others. It should not be up to the decisions of employees to regulate what a person can or cannot wear.