In this world color people have been mistreated for years. Colored people have been used and are still getting used. Color people are still being hanged and in slavery but, in modern times they are enslaved mentally. The white man has done such a good job that the jobs they did on the plantation are getting done by colored people to their own people. Colored people were taught to hate each other by white people. They were taught to compete against each other. They were taught to degrade their woman. A woman of color has it the worst because who can they lean on? When the colored men leave them and their children stranded. Who’s going to protect the colored women because white people have been using them in the past and still are. In Revelation 13:9-11 it informs us if you have an ear you will hear and that if you lead people into captivity you will be put into captivity. So is it safe to say that the white people will have to pay for what they have done to the colored people?

Dr. Walker-Barnes is a powerful colored woman who has told the truth. The truth does not always guarantee you friends or supporters but it needs to be heard. Dr.Walker-Barnes is a renowned author who is setting a new standard. Walker-Barnes had a prayer named “Prayer of a Weary Black Woman.” This prayer was abnormal because people are used to a prayer asking for peace. In her prayer, she asked GOD to give her strength to hate white people. Unbelievably that is a prayer of peace because she is praying for the LORD to rescue her from people who is causing her to not be in peace physically and mentally.

In her prayer, she states “Dear God,” Dr. Walker-Barnes writes. She asked the LORD for strength to accomplish something she could not on her own that is to gain hatred towards white people. Plenty of color people go through this white people usually bully color people and it causes the color people to take their anger out on their own people. Why do you think there’s so much color on color crime? She is opening up to the world and telling the world that colored people are in pain and something needs to happen so healing can occur. Dr. Walker-Barnes is a strong colored woman because she is doing what the majority of people in this world don’t do which is living in the truth and thinking about others. She continued in the prayer stating exactly whom she is talking about: “I am not talking about white antiracist allies who have taken up this struggle against racism with their whole lives – the ones who stand vigil for weeks outside jails where Black women are killed; who show up in Charlottesville (and other cities).” She states that white people who try to help are not the problems but the ones who push white supremacy. Dr. Walker-Barnes stands out because she could have lied about what she had inside her but she was bold enough to let the truth out. She continued explaining that it is easy to not like the white people who support Trump because you already know their thought process. Colored people are put in a situation where they are on a plane with snakes but some are harmless and others vicious.