A little over a week ago, a Georgia woman felt a small lump protruding from the roof of her mouth. At first she thought it may have been a stray popcorn kernel, so she started digging around to see if she’d be able to remove the foreign object. It took less than a minute for her to find the culprit, yet she was a little shocked to find that it turned out to be a stray bullet! Wow!

Approximately 15 years ago, Ashley Smith was 15 years old and three months pregnant when she was spending some time with family over at her grandparents’ house. Shortly thereafter, a neighborhood friend came by and began to boast about his brand new pistol that was supposed to be unloaded. Seconds later he pulled the trigger and the stray bullet hit Ashley in the head. Luckily for her, the bullet ended up missing any vital parts of her brain and ended up being lodged in her jaw. Unfortunately for Ashley, this entire ordeal led to other health related complications, such as having an aneurysm and enduring multiple surgeries to her brain and her ear, and she also lost the vision in her eye. Ashley’s unborn child was deprived of oxygen through the process and also suffered a number of complications.

But now, 15 years later, Ashley is bullet-free: “I reached in there and tried to pull it out. About the second or third time it landed in my mouth. I coughed and it landed on the bathroom floor.” With this entire ordeal behind her, Ashley has learned just how precious life is and how quickly it can be taken away. And not only did she survive, Ashley now has three beautiful children and is completely thankful that her fate could’ve turned out much differently. Amazing!