When most people see a rabbit, they think of a cute, fluffy and innocent creature. They also think of prey. Rabbits typically freeze in place or pretend to be dead if they do not believe that they can run from a large predator.

A video that has been making the rounds recently on social media and motivational sites has drawn a lot of attention. A white rabbit sits in a backyard chewing contently on grass when along comes a large, black and brown rottweiler that snaps at it. Instead of running away or freezing, this rabbit surprisingly chases after the rottweiler. The dog begins running around in circles while the rabbit chases it. When the rottweiler grabs the rabbit slightly by the neck, it then lets go and the rabbit chases after it even more fiercely then before. At one point, both animals play a little game of hide-and-go-seek. Every time the rottweiler attempts to grab or run past the rabbit, it gets more involved in chasing after the dog.

Both animals are owned by the same person who says that they are friends, but rabbits also act aggressively by biting, clawing and chasing when angry. Traditionally, rottweilers have been considered aggressive and dangerous animals when in most instances they are actually quite gentle and simply at a size where their playfulness can be misinterpreted. Those rottweilers that act aggressively, bite people and kill other animals have typically been abused or neglected in some way or trained to behave aggressively.

Source: Bunny rabbit makes a very unusual friend by cseh_17 on Rumble