As we get older and things began to become more chaotic in our daily lives and work schedules, we often remember back to yesteryear when we were partying with our friends, hitting the beach, eating delicious food and relaxing. However, many of us feel as though these years are behind us, only to remain a brief memory that we replay at various times. But for one mother — Natalie Wardell — these moments never seemed to stop!

Natalie is a mother to three beautiful daughters — Jazmyne, Tamika and Montana — who you would swear were her younger siblings. In fact, Natalie often exclaims when they’re seen in public that people mistake them for a group of sisters out for a gathering. When people realize that Natalie is forty-five years old, their jaws begin to drop!

To make matters even more hilarious, most of Natalie’s daughters are taller than she is! The platinum-blonde sporting mother frequently hits car shows and social events with her daughters as a means to retain her youth and create fond memories that will last a lifetime. And in case you’re wondering, Natalie shows no signs of slowing down with her age!

Although Natalie has exclaimed that some people ridicule her for dressing so young and engaging in activities reserved for the youth, she brushes it off with class. “I’ve had blonde hair since I was fifteen years old, how am I trying to copy them?” states Natalie. It just goes to further prove that being young is a state of mind, not a number on your driver’s license.

With these harsh remarks comes the question: Why do we think that people should only act their age? Is there an unwritten rule that states we may only engage in activities and clothing items that are based on what year we were born? What about those of us that wish to stay current with our interests and take life by the horns? Lying within each of us is a young, inner child that wishes to express themselves. Through societal norms and judgmental peers, we repress this inner voice and opt for choices that are more inclined with our age and maturity. In some cases, we may not even enjoy the activities that we’re performing but follow them simply because we fear being judged by others.

To readers that want to take a page out of Natalie’s playbook, realize that your life and your actions are entirely your own. Instead of basing your interests and daily activities according to what others may think or say about you, do what your heart desires. There are no limitations in this life other than the ones that we place on ourselves on a daily basis.

If you happen to run into someone that makes a negative comment about your lifestyle, do what Natalie does and allow those remarks to fuel your inner fire. The next time you think of doing something fun and spontaneous, realize that the world is your oyster!