Amberleigh and Brody are out together on a beautiful Australian beach with their Australian Shepard. Drone footage shows Amberliegh walking the beach with possible sea turtles in the water nearby. We see Brody investigating the carcass of something that has washed up on the beach. Both Amberliegh and Brody watch enormous sea turtles mate in the shallow water.

The next day they are back at the beach, this time with a jet ski. It is clear they are up to something when Brody is caught digging a shallow pit in the white sand and gathering kindling and firewood. In the background, their vehicle is sporting a tarp held up by two poles, which are in turn held up by ropes tied to strategically placed heavy rocks. This creates a shaded area, possibly for eating.

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Now it is time for Brody and Amberliegh and their dog to board the jetski and head out into the water in search of some grub. Brody puts on a pair of gloves and does the diving, while Amberliegh follows him around on the jetski, making sure he is safe. It takes a few hours, but Brody finally finds a crayfish hiding under an underwater ledge or overhang of possibly some coral. He grabs this sole but large crustacean with his gloved hand and triumphantly returns it to the surface.

It should be noted that a crayfish very much resembles a lobster except that it does not have the huge claws that a lobster sports. Also, coloration could be said to be different. Crayfish are a darker color with speckles. Like lobster though most of the good meat on a crayfish is in the tail.

When Brody returns with Amberliegh and dog in tow to the beach camp-site, he shows us how to cut into a crayfish. Brody splits the entire crayfish in two lengthwise. He removes the guts and other innards not acceptable for eating. Brody has a handy grill rack to put over the pit he recently created with kindling underneath. He gets a fire going and starts cooking both halves of the crayfish with succulent meant still inside. He exposes both halves to direct and indirect flame.

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With the meat on the crayfish properly chared, Brody sets about sharing this bounty with Amberliegh and the dog. If Amberliegh is reluctant to accept a piece of meat with as much gusto as Brody commands or quickly enough, he just gives that same meat to his Australian Shepherd. They eat and eat and are apparently satisfied as they glean every last piece of good meat from the deceased creature’s tail.

Then they go off on the jetski again with the dog who does not mind getting wet. They come across a sea snake and Body gets the idea that it will be great for supper. Unfortunately, after Brody dives into the water, the snake is too fast for him. Brody must come up for air and that is the end of his supper hopes.

In any case, Amberliegh and Brody had a great time at the beach. So did their dog, one presumes. The beauty of an Australian beach is awesome and meant to be shared with the world. Thank you Amberliegh and Brody!