A weather girl in New York City showed up on TV wearing a bathing suit in the snow. She was wearing a red bow and headphones.

She tells viewers that it’s really cold and snowy in New York. She even goes so far as to say that her “body is telling her that it’s cold.” She says that she is literally freezing and that all of the hair on her arms is standing up. She’s wearing a silver product of some kind on her hair as well. She has dark hair with blonde highlight and wears an orange halter top with a black border and little else besides small red bathing suit pants. The scene behind her shows a wintery scene with the road being covered in snow and the neighborhood lawns being all covered up as well.

Even the cars are covered with many inches of snow and the trees all have snow on them as well. At this point, the woman starts trying to send it back to the news desk, but then she expresses concern that they aren’t even at work today. She says “Because you told her to come in my bathing suit and it’s really cold,” as she folds her hands and jumps up and down. She then says, “and the truck just left me.” She says this as she looks off into the distance on the right with a concerned and disgusted look.

The camera pans over to the right to show that there’s nothing there. Then the weather girl says, “Oh god, what am I going to do?” She says, “AM I going to be stuck here in the freezing cold alone?” She acts really concerned and is looking around everywhere for help. At this point, the 7-day forecast comes up and you can see the temperatures and weather for the week, which actually includes some snow on a few of the days.

The music swells and then the clip is over. It’s an interesting gag that got a considerable amount of attention online. It all spins on the idea that it was a massive prank on the weather girl, tricking her into going outside in the cold by herself in the snow. The woman in question is named Lauren Francesca.

Lauren is a comedian and actress who has spent her whole life performing. She started out her fame when she played on the Barely Political show on YouTube. She’s been in many different other shows as well, such as with Bo Burnham, Funny or Die, College Humor, and many other videos as well. All the videos she’s been in account for more than 2 billion views across all of them. They also include pranks, sketches, parodies of songs, vLogs and much more besides.

She’s appeared as Tron Girl, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Poison Ivy, Christina Aguilera, and many other people as well.It’s likely she’ll be in many more videos before long, and you can watch many videos from her account on YouTube.