It has been several months since President Trump was elected, and the country has already begun to see profound changes. His presidency began with a massive economic mess that he inherited from former President Obama. The country was failing apart and the economy was on the verge of another economic depression.

Brick and mortar stores, alongside department store chains, were struggling against the trend of online shopping form websites like Amazon. Thankfully, President Trump is a business man at heart. He has spent countless years running and expanding his own business, which has given him experience unlike countless other presidents before him.

Since day 1, President Trump has been working hard to improve the economic environment for businesses across the country. Several companies have activity been supporting President Trump’s economic decisions, but others have chosen to reject the economic benefits the administration has created.

President Trump has made numerous controversial decisions for the benefit of the country since taking office, but there are several companies who reacted negatively to each piece of news. As an attack on Trump and what he stands for, these companies have chosen to drop Ivanka Trump’s fashion line from their inventory. This was an unexpected move because Ivanka Trump’s fashion line is no doubt a major component keeping these companies in business.

Instead of taking advantage of new growth opportunities, they have chosen to go against his practices. Unfortunately for the companies involved, President Trump is not messing around. It all began with Nordstrom, then Belk, and before you know it TJ Maxx followed suite in removing Ivanka Trump’s products from their stores.

Naturally, this isn’t just physical stores, online retailers also followed the trend of dropping Ivanka Trump’s products. President Trump went to twitter to respond to these personal attacks on his family. “My daughter Ivanka has been treated so unfairly by Nordstrom,” he wrote, She is a great person – always pushing me to do the right thing! Terrible!’” President Trump then added. White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer had to contextualize this situation by saying how this move is a personal issue for the president.

Nordstrom supposedly removed Ivanka Trump’s fashion line over disagreements with the immigration ban. Belk on the other hand, will be unable to survive after their consumer base leaves. Other stores took a feminist approach with their decisions. They believe women will feel empowered by seeing one of their own fall.

Trump has the power to save all business, and yet many are refusing because of some silly disagreements. They may think they are doing the correct choice, but before long they will be irrelevant and gone from history. President Trump’s years in business will the guiding force in reshaping the country for the future.