If there is one thing every parent has in common it is an understanding of the difficulties involved with school fundraising. Most parents want to lend a hand but there is not always enough time to walk around the neighborhood with the kid and try to sell a lot of candy or bake yet another batch of cookies.

The fundraising letter all parents want to receive has finally been written by one of the PTA’s or Parent Teacher Associations. This letter was worthy of a lot of LOL’s. Charles Oliver did not hesitate to make this letter easily available on the internet and it has already made numerous rounds.

There is really no doubt parents everywhere are hoping the schools attended by their kids will take a similar view regarding fundraising. Charlie Oliver stated this letter was the most honest and hilarious tribute to fundraising he has witnessed in his entire life.

Charles Oliver said the letter approached the extremely tedious chore of fundraising for schools with delightful tongue in cheek humor. He specifically gave what he termed as a shoutout to the elementary school PTA at the school attended by his kids. He said the alternatives provided to parents for fundraising were wonderfully comical. This included alternatives for serving on a committee, walking, selling and endless baking.

The letter talked about the possible options to replace giving students the responsibility of tasks such as selling from door to door, delivering goods and collecting money. There were five extremely hilarious options listed for donations. One option was for people who really do not want to bake.

The option said make a donation of $10 because this is about what it would have cost to buy the ingredients to bake cupcakes. A donation of $50 was meant to be an acknowledgment for any parent who has no desire to run, swim or walk in any activity containing the work thon. The letter said the $50 was the same amount of money the parent would have spent buying a free t-shirt for their kid.

The last option was for parents interested in just making a donation for a specific amount of money. The letter said this donation was an expression of appreciation for not having to sell, buy or do anything with the exception of filling out the donation form. The option considered to be the funniest one of all was making a donation of $100 so the school would forget the name of the parent since they did not have any desire to participate or help in any way with fundraising.

The PTA letter is considered to be not only hilarious but sheer genius. Reddit has seen well over 2,000 comments made regarding the post. The majority of the people are supporting the PTA with great enthusiasm. They have cheered the efforts of the PTA to just keep it real. Some people are willing to support the school despite having no idea where it is located based on an amazing sales pitch.

One of the comments stated there was a local school that chose to run a very similar campaign. The title was just write a check. The comment said this campaign was the most successful the school ever experienced. It appears the only question left is who should the checks be addressed to.