Even those who aren’t interested in what’s going on in Hollywood have probably heard about the most recent Oscars ceremony. It was not about who won or who lost but instead involved Will Smith attacking Chris Rock. According to a show producer, the Los Angeles Police Department was prepared to arrest Smith during the awards presentation, but Rock declined to pursue charges.

Following the incident, almost every comedian and Oscar attendee have been questioned about Chris Rock’s/Will Smith’s slap. Jim Carrey also offered his perspective on what he would have done if he had been the recipient of the assault.

Jim was being interviewed on CBS Mornings when he revealed his plans if he were in Chris Rock’s shoes, and they’re not encouraging!

Jim Carrey said that he’d go after Will Smith in where it would really hurt him, his wallet. Because what happened that night, as well as the footage of the incident, will be on the internet for years if not decades. Jim claims that if he was in that scenario, he would sue Will Smith for at least $200 million.

He stated, “I’d have announced this morning that I was suing Will for $200 million because that video’s gonna be there forever. It’s gonna be ubiquitous. That insult is gonna last a very long time.” He explained that he didn’t find the joke from Chris Rock to be amusing, and that Will Smith’s reaction was overblown. Jim stated, “You do not have the right to walk up on stage and smack somebody in the face because they said words. ”

Jim not only went after Will and the audience, but he also targeted their applause for “King Richard.” He stated, “I was sickened by the standing ovation.” Jim thinks that this reaction highlights a bigger problem with Hollywood in general.

He added, “I felt like Hollywood is just spineless en masse. It really felt like this is a clear indication that we’re not the cool club anymore. ”

Smith took the opportunity to apologize to the Academy and his other nominees after winning best actor for playing Richard Williams in “King Richard.” The next day, Smith issued an apology on social media toward Rock. Rock, on the other hand, hasn’t said anything about it. He simply informed his audience in Boston that he was “still processing what happened.”

Smith’s appearance at the ceremony has been canceled for the next decade, in response to his behavior. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences issued a letter to its members in which they condemned Smith’s actions as “unacceptable.” Additionally, the organization stated that Smith would not be permitted to attend any activities or programs sponsored by the Academy for ten years.

In the letter, the organization stated: “This action we are taking today in response to Will Smith’s behavior is a step toward a larger goal of protecting the safety of our performers and guests, and restoring trust in the Academy.”

Smith stated that he accepted and respected the Academy’s decision in response.