An Amazon driver displayed exemplary courage when they fearlessly delivered a package amidst an ongoing police standoff. Unfazed, they completed their job and went above and beyond the call of duty to help those in need.

Last month, an incredible delivery made headlines and has since gained 6.7 million views from viewers in awe of the courier’s devotion.

Nothing will impede your progress when you stick to the plan, and that’s what this video of a dramatic drop-off in Cary, North Carolina last month portrays. As the caption reads: “When you’re about your business…nothing will get in your way.”

For almost a whole day, SWAT team members were in an intense confrontation with an armed suspect.

Undeterred by the perilous circumstances, the Amazon courier remained committed to completing his parcel-delivering quest.

In the extraordinary video, an individual donning a blue Amazon vest strolls past several police cars which are illuminated by flashing lights as officers observe in disbelief.

Filled with confidence, the driver strides through the police line as if nothing is standing in his way while the videographer remarks in awe, “In the midst of a standoff, he’s going to deliver his package.”

As the courier approaches the heavily guarded premises, he is briefly blocked from entering. Nevertheless, with a nonchalant gesture, he hands off his package to one of the SWAT team members who swiftly strides towards the apartment bearing it in his arms.

The courageous driver then gets his phone, presumably to document the order, before capturing a photo of the breathtaking scenery.

As the clip reaches its conclusion, the solitary delivery hero strides away from the scene of their heroic rescue.

Although the exact details of the delivery are still unknown, it is believed that either a tenant was trapped inside or outside their flat at the time. In line with police guidelines during such a stand-off.

Without a doubt, viewers were in awe of the courier’s courage – one person even wrote, “Now that’s what you call AMAZON PRIME.”

“Package delivery note was ‘handed to SWAT officer,’ ” a TikTok wit quipped, while another penned, “Their slogan is rain, sleet, snow or standoff.”

“More scared of Jeff Bezos than getting taken out,” said another.

Nevertheless, other Amazon workers alleged that the driver’s response wasn’t as unusual as it seemed.

“I used to work as an Amazon delivery driver,” said a purported courier, “If you didn’t deliver all your packages you’d get in trouble.”

According to Amazon’s policy, if a package is not delivered by the promised date, they’ll “refund any shipping fees associated with that order.”

ABC 11 reported that police had to be called after an armed man took his son, aged eleven years old, hostage and locked himself inside the Windsor apartments.

The police were kept at bay for 20 hours, until the suspect, who remains unnamed to this day, sadly took his own life.

Despite being shot, the young boy was able to survive and was taken into police custody.

“I wanted to express my condolences to the family of the individual who was in crisis today,” stated Cary Police Chief Terry Sult.

“It’s always a sad time when someone is in crisis, and it should bring attention to mental health across this country.”