Residents of an affluent Florida neighborhood were filled with dread as they spotted a colossal alligator strolling through the area, its presence captured in stunning footage.

Last week, WINK meteorologist Matt Devitt excitedly took to Facebook and shared footage of an adult alligator leisurely strolling across the road at Forest Glen Golf & Country Club in Naples. What a sight!

“¡Dios mio!” The woman’s excited exclamation in Spanish echoes loudly – translating to “My God!”

“Is it really here? It’s gigantic!” a woman shrieks in surprise at the 10-foot-long wandering dinosaur, transforming the area into an almost lifelike version of Jurassic Park.

The scaly jaywalker, presumably from the nearby river, grabbed everyone’s attention as it strutted across the manicured lawns of the gated community without breaking a sweat.

Home to an astonishing 1.3 million alligators, Florida is the only state that can boast of having alligators in each of its 67 counties!

The Florida Fish & Wildlife Department successfully and without any harm to individuals took out the animal, as reported by NBC Miami.

“Forest Glen Golf & Country Club in Naples, Florida is a club of distinction for those who desire a community with friendly people, superior golf, quality tennis, pickleball & bocce programs and first rate dining in the serenity of a nature preserve,” according to the club’s website,

Residents “enjoy the fitness center with fitness classes offered daily during season, as well as a paved path through the preserve for biking, jogging or simply strolling through the community,” it adds.

Even though attacks are uncommon, the agency is urging individuals to remain vigilant and alert when it comes to alligators that reach more than 4 feet in length- as they can become a menace for humans, pets and property.