Some Instagram models are all about pure glamor. They may post brief tutorials that highlight their finest bronzing and foundation application techniques. They may put all of the latest seasonal clothing styles on display for the whole whole to see. Although there’s no doubt that those kinds of Instagram models are a big thing, there’s also no disputing that there are other categories out there. Veronika Rajek is definitely part of another classification. She’s a vision of sultry cool on Instagram.

She’s also a motivational speaker who knows how to make other people feel good about themselves. This 5’11” gal is a woman who knows that she’s in charge of her own destiny. She declares on the social network that it’s her magazine, her images and her guidelines.

She wants to make it clear that other people do not rule any of her actions. She wants to make it abundantly clear that she’s an all-natural lady. She doesn’t believe in attaining and maintaining a “plastic” vibe. This Instagram favorite has approaching 250,000 followers to her credit at this point. She’s only following a little more than 300 accounts herself, too.

What exactly makes this Instagram wonder so remarkable? Her glamorous pictures are one thing. Her penchant for traveling to all the nooks and crannies of the planet are another. She’s fond of more than just roaming the planet, too. That’s because she likes to sample terrific food items and beverages everywhere she goes. She likes to lounge around under the sun in warm and sun-kissed settings. She likes to revel in the finest beverages while she’s in those kinds of eye-catching places.

She not long ago headed to scenic Croatia. Fans of the joys of the Adriatic Sea aren’t able to say no to the nation. Veronika clearly isn’t able to, either. This Instagrammer is an example of a person who knows how to interact well with all of the individuals who make up her sizable audience. That’s because she regularly communicates with them through playful questions. She not too long ago asked her followers about their preferred beverages.

It doesn’t matter if she’s strolling the streets of Vienna, Australia. It doesn’t matter if she’s simply taking things slowly in Bratislavia in Slovakia, either. Rajek is an example of a force to be reckoned with in Instagram’s style sector.

She frequently poses for photographs in swimsuits that hug her physique. She just as frequently poses for photographs that accentuate her looks using bright and striking apparel colors of all kinds. Fashion is a major part of this woman’s day-to-day existence. It isn’t atypical for her to team up with some of the most well-known fashion brands out there. She likes to wear jeans that are flattering. She likes to wear dresses that bring out the silhouette of her figure.

This model isn’t the kind of person who likes to remain cooped up inside all day long. People who spend any time browsing her Instagram account may notice rapidly that’s practically constantly outside taking in fresh and clean air. Since she’s outdoorsy, she does a lot of swimming. That’s why it’s no surprise that the people who check out her account may notice a plenitude of bikini photographs. She works hard to keep her physique in fine working order regardless of the season.