People want to know all about the questions and answers of model Ekaterina Novikova and as a result, her questions and their answers both went viral. Ekaterina is many things, an actress, a model and a parent to her fur baby for starters.

With over 1.3 million followers on Instagram alone it is easy to see why her Q & A session went viral right away.

Her awesome personality shines larger than life when you see her videos and the way she talks with her fans and followers about all aspects of life. With Ekaterina there doesn’t seem to be many subjects off limits either, she talks about her career, fun, her dogs, music and more.

All you have to do is watch her open interniews and conversations to feel the magic that she freely shares with the world.

Ekaterina Novikova is a name that people know, like and trust or so it seems. Perhaps her name is not just a label or brand or who she is even. To her 1.3 million followers she is a larger than life goddess and fashion designer. Ekaterina Novikova is based between Moscow and Geneva but her brand seems to be highly respected in many parts of the world. Her uniqu style and design shows the beauty of women and allows them to be who they are. The brand seems to appeal to women who know their value and have self-worth.

Ekaterina understands that women are pretty to look at but each woman is unique and far more than just candy for the eyes to look at. As a result of being open and honest about who she is and what she does both in her professional and private life, Ekaterina was able to showcase her questions and answers and people shared them so much that everything went viral quickly and it doesn’t look like it will stop anytime soon.

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Многие меня спрашивают почему я не живу на Бали постоянно?🤔🌴Я действительно могла бы жить там круглый год, это удивительное и одно из моих любимейших мест с идеальным климатом, добрыми улыбчивыми людьми и безумно красивой природой. Но я возвращаюсь в Россию. Почему? Одна из причин, но далеко не единственная это потому, что я люблю наблюдать смены времен года. После долгой зимы (которую я с удовольствием пережидаю в теплых странах и застаю только месяц пушистого снега и «мороз и солнце») ☀️❄️наступает долгожданная весна🌸Световой день постепенно увеличивает свое присутствие в сутках побеждая ночную тьму☀️🤗Распускаются деревья, цветут яблони. Наступает лето. 🍇🍉🍓Ягоды, цветы, бабочки летают и солнышко приятно укутывает тебя в теплых объятиях. За ним подходит осень🍁Все вокруг становится еще более разноцветным, листья шуршат под ногами, дожди и лужи 🙂 Природа готовится к зимней спячке. Наблюдая за этим из года в год понимаешь, что ничто не вечно и вся жизнь это цепочка преобразований из одного состояния в другое, и каждое состояние имеет свою прелесть и божественную красоту. Также как жизнь человека, который рождается, живет, увядает, умирает и снова рождается 😊

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Ekaterina Novikova is more than a name in any market or subject. She has been involved in volley ball in Russia playing in tournaments and clubs, been an ambassador for National Youth Council of Russia and a true leader including when she is leading a green movement known as MGIMO GOES GREEN.

She has become such an inspiration to fans around the world that many people are naming their children after Ekaternia. All you have to do is talk to her fans and followers and they will tell you that they are loyal because they love her as a person and what her brand seems to accomplish.

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You can searrch the world over and you will never find another person just like Ekaterina because she just seems open and honest about everything the fan want to know.

It seems that everytime she does a new questions and answers section the session seems to get more internet hits and often goes viral time after time. After talking to her fans the reasons why she remains so popular and why they stay so loyal is fairly obvious. Regardless of why her Q&A sessions went viral in the first place, it is fair to say we can rest assured that they are going to continue to do so each and every time she posts them to her social media platforms. We can be sure that Ekaterina Novikova is a name that we wil hear about for a long time.