Models do more than just nose for pictures. Many of them do exciting and amazing things both professionally, and in their personal lives.The glamorous life that they portray in while in front of the camera is only a fraction of who they are. Such is the life of Jaime Leigh Thornton, a beautiful Kentucky girl who is getting rave reviews from her social media postings of her dazzling modeling career.

After all of the camera lights are turned off, Jaime has a typical modern life to return home to. Her travels take her to amazing places where she can be a regular person like everyone else, and just enjoy herself. One of the most lovable parts of her day is going home to her child. Although Jaime has not actual children, she has so much compassion for her dog that she calls him her child. No mother can do more for a child than Jaime does for her dog. Her home is very conducive for animal care. Her child has all of the comforts that most babies have.

The room has the appearance of an actual child’s room with all of the toys in a play area, and bedding for naps. She spends quality time with her child inside and outside of the house. She already makes a wonderful mother even without real kids. She also fosters lost or abandoned dogs. She cuddles and treats them as if they belonged to her. She does this until a suitable home can be found for them. Jaime is also an avid traveler. Her photo shoots take her to many places where she usually makes a vacation, or a celebration. Often accompanied by friends, she loves boating, and being on the water. She has an insatiable love of food. She tries anything at least once, but she does watch her carb intake. Her favorite travel destinations include Switzerland and Hawaii where she has taken some of her most beloved photos.

Jaime is definitely a party girl who enjoys fine wines, and being the life of the party. She considers herself very blessed to have the opportunities that have made her such a successful social media model. Jaime Leigh is known by her friends for the way she loves to celebrate her birthday in a different way each year. Sometimes the celebration extends to more than one day. Traveling is one of her passions that has enhanced her modeling career. The photos from these excursions have received many likes on social media, and has increased her number of followers.

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She shares her life with her fans. She wants everyone to experience her life as she does. Jaime is more than just a pretty face and body. She is a down to earth individual who has a passion for dogs and traveling. Jaime’s current fan base includes more than 173,000 followers who adore her lifestyle as well as the gorgeous pictures that she posts. Jaime Leigh Thornton is a model in her own right, and fans love her.