In the world we live in today, body positivity is one of the biggest problems that many young women are facing and many people shun away from talking about it. For young ladies, especially those who spend a lot of time on social platforms like Instagram, they see various body types and want to become like them. Instagram models like Bianca Ghezzi are using the platform to show body positivity and champion for it. She has a massive following on Instagram, 918 thousand followers, some of who are still young people. She has taken many photos that show and champion for being in love with your body. Apart from being one of the biggest champions for body positivity, she also takes time to chat with her followers on Twitter. Her tweets are just some of the most relatable and garner up reactions and she replies to most of them.

Of all the words that are usually related to celebrities, ordinary is certainly not one of them. To us ordinary humans, their lives seem to be made up of stunning photoshoots, glamorous clothes, and jealousy-inducing escapes to luxury resorts. But then, every so often, a celebrity is going to say something incredibly common to show us that they are really as human as the rest of us.

When looking at Instagram models and celebrities, many people usually relate to fame and an iron wall around them. Their lives seem perfect and unreachable to some of the ordinary people, something that Bianca Ghezzi is trying very hard to break this tradition. Her one on one relationship with the people on her social platforms is just one of the ways that she is doing that. In some of her photographs, she is not even wearing makeup, one sign that she is very comfortable in her skin. She constantly tells people that acceptance is one of the first steps to getting your self-esteem the checked.

Apart from showing young people the importance of body positivity, she also champions for positive courses in the society. She constantly shares some of the causes in society that benefit the society. There are currently many causes in the world that require funding, support through signing petitions and many others. Some of these causes include campaigns for equal rights for women, black people and those in the LGBTQ community. Since she already has many followers on her social media platforms, the causes she shares help gain traction to the places they are needed.
Bianca Ghezzi is very outspoken on the things she loves. She shows this in her social media posts by posting food, places she has travelled to and dressing styles she loves. Her style is a door to loving the body and appreciating femininity. She lives a life many people would envy, but also takes her time to make her thousands of followers feel as part of it as possible.

Bianca Ghezzi is one of the people who are using social media to set standards and create a conducive environment for people, especially the young ones who look up to her. Being herself is one of the biggest changes she could make to the world and she is doing it in the best way she can. She is using social media as a tool for change.