Lucia Lachkovic is a fitness swimsuit and lingerie model and brand ambssodar for BeBE, Maxsport and invisalign. Miss Lachkovic was born on April 19, 1990. She married Pavol Javorcekova in 2008. The model’s Instagram posts has multiple posts of her family; her husband and daughter, bikinis and swimwear, workout posts promoting very stylish exercise clothing and products of the brands who sponsor her.

Her Fitness Lifestyle

Mrs Javorcekova is very much into fitness using her Instagram encouraging over one million followers to stay strong and physically fit. She is featured on the @bodyengineers Instagram with one-million followers. She says she trains five days a week: She does an upper body and lower body split with cardio and abdominal work spread throughout the the five day workout routine. She uses heavy weights with high reps.

In the midst of her full workout schedule, she is the the gym working hard on the cable towers doing tricep pulldowns. She is wearing a form fitting bright colored yellow long sleeved crop top and long yellow form fitting leggings. The brightly colored all yellow crop top’s long sleeves and front collar are lined with a net mesh type of materiel. At the time she was promoting the @bodyengineerswomen workout outfit, the brand was offering a discount.

The fitness enthusiast advertises a workout set with a white short sleeved crop top and midnight dark leggings accented with lighter shade of black running down the outside of the leggings. The workout outfit the model is promoting is on her Instagram featured on the @bodyengineers Instagram. She was promoting a 35%-75% sale they were having in November.

In another post, she is doing her donkey kicks with exercise bands on her sun filled balcony. Her caption says “balcony glutes, workout by me.” The balcony posts supports the resistance of her exercise bands. She is showing off her muscle definition and tone in this posts. She was pumped up more than usual, so she had been working out hard.

Another one of my favorite workout themed Instagram posts Lucia has is in the one in an old school hardcore gym. I wished they would bring those back. They could recover the torn bench cover, but old school gyms had no covering on the wooden benches. The hardcore gym she is in has a picture of Arnold Schwarzenegger on the back wall for inspiration, barbells and dumbbells and lastly a floor with no carpet. What was so great about these gyms were that people were there to workout. There were no certifications for aerobic instructors and obnoxious personal trainers were not on the market. She is wearing a blue long sleeved crop top with blue leggings. Slits run down the arms and sides of the leggings. No purchasing information available.

Swimsuits and bikinis

I could not write this article without calling attention to my favorite bikinis she is promoting. Actually, one of my favorites is a one piece light green swimsuit that looks like dark green trees. The @prettylittlething brand swimsuit is outdoorsy and unique. It is hard to see the swimsuit because the way she is posing and only one photo is in the slide.

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If we look at how we showed up, we spent each moment running ahead of ourselves, believing there’s a destination we are supposed to arrive and that’s saturated with endless happiness, acknowledgement, ease and luxury. We were forewer running away from something – and because everyone was behaving in this manner, we accepted it as a normal. We mentally leapfrog over the eternal present moment in everything we did, ignoring the flow of life. We thought we’re always under control and then, when a pandemic hits, we’ve been hitting with the illusion that we’re no longer in control. I was caught in this net too. After few days of a mood swings, anxiety, anger, watching on news often, I learned that the key is to stay present. It means being fully present in each moment, because it’s only the present moment that exists. So many of us worry about the future, hold regrets about the past, and completely ignore the present. Fear is controlling you – your life, your relationships, your decision making and your mood. Think about your life and the things that make you worry or cause you stress. Write them down – usually it’s something from future, right? What will happen if this, what if that.. stay present, enjoy present moment, that’s your life – right here, right now. As you continue to live in the present moment, peace and happiness become effortless. Acceptance of the present moment is the end of any fear and anxiety. “Whatever the present moment contains, embrace it as if you had chosen it yourself.” ~Eckhart Tolle And how I am fighting with anxiety? 🥊 I am focusing on practices that make me present. This include breathwork every morning while I am in my bed and before I fall asleep. I’ve learned it activate the parasymphatetic nervous system but it also moves the diaphragm which then moves the lymph – which is intimately tied to our immunity and also to our emotions. The influence of the lymph system and our emotions is a two way street. Falling to deal with strong emotions such as worry, anger or grief can cause congestion, inflammation and getting sick. So take a deep breath, do things that makes you happy and always stay present. You are loved, you are enough 💕

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One more favorite bikini she is modeling is white with big green leaves are printed on it. The bikini top gathers together in the center, and the bottom ties on the side. Her caption is not in English, so I do not know much about the bikini or where to get it.

Lucia Lachkovic Jaorcekova certainly has an exciting life as a brand ambassador, wife, mom, and bikini model traveling to exotic beaches all over the world. She gets to wear the prettiest clothes, swimsuits and bikinis while getting paid for it: And life does not get any better than that.