Growing older is not an unwanted fact of life as it once was. People embrace their slightly older age more so that in prior decades. It has been proven that anyone can still look nifty even at the age of 50. This is a true fact for Heather Graham who showed off her fabulously gorgeous body in a bikini while lounging on the beach. By her side was her friend and producer Odessa Rae. This was the very first time that Heather, who starred in Bowfinger, has been seen in public wearing a skimpy bikini.

Her support and positive vocalization about the group Black Lives Matter has led to her meeting and speaking with the founder of the activist group Patrisse Cullors. In one of the last interviews she had with Esquire Magazine, she expressed her feelings about her approach to her various acting roles, and gave impressive insights about her career. She was especially fond of the role she played in Boogie Nights where she roller bladed naked with actor Mark Wahlburg.

The interview that Heather had with Esquire mostly focused on her acting roles portraying her as a sex symbol. This sexualization has occurred throughout her career even though the majority of her movies centered around a male in the lead role. Although she enjoyed a successful career, Heather would still like to see changes made within the industry that would give female actors the opportunity to play leading roles, and not just be sexualized.

After years of playing the sexy roles, wearing a bikini in public would make many actresses a little uncomfortable because of the attention they would receive even when they are not on the set of a movie. This could have been one of the motives why Heather waited so long before adorning a bikini in public. Her body is still taut at age 50 as it was when she was in her twenties. Nature has been very good to her. She was not trying to flaunt her body sitting on the beach, she just wanted to get out and enjoy the sun without having cameras flashing.

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In Heather’s interview with Esquire, she talked about how she has always looked for the silver lining in the roles that she played. This caught the interviewer by surprise. He responded with, “That’s the most optimistic thing I’ve ever heard about Hollywood.” This was an amazing accolade for Heather. With all of the roles that she accepted no matter what they were she always opted for getting the most and best out of the role. This kind of thinking is probably what made her career so successful. It was not the role itself, but how she portrayed it. Even a nude scene had no derogatory under tones.

So now at 50 and still looking remarkable, Heather can proudly be bikini clad and love it. Her body is still star material, and she could pull off another naked scene without question. She and her producer friend have confidence that a film could feature Heather in the starring role in a bikini or in street clothes. She stunned many onlookers who recognized her on the beach.